you’re average, you won’t perform well.” Fairless spends most of his time on his strength of investor relations. As a bonus, “building investor relationships is what I enjoy the most,” he said. COMBINING PASSIONWITH PURPOSE In the beginning, Fairless integrat- ed a passion project into his business that has paid dividends in creating connections he’s been able to foster. Around the time he started his busi- ness in 2013, Fairless began working with a business and life coach, who mentioned that podcasting was getting popular and suggested he try it. He decided to give it a shot. In his days of “sampling life experiences,” Fairless had taken both improv and standup comedy classes. “I had no intention of being a stand- up comedian,” he said. “I just wanted

to be better at public speaking, and that did help me.” He performed standup at Gotham Comedy Club in New York: “It was the longest five to seven minutes I’ve ever experienced,” he joked. With that background, Fairless first dipped a toe in as he taught himself how to master podcasting, from inter- viewing guests to editing. “I didn’t know how often I was going to do it. I wanted to find out if it was a good use of my time,” he said. After a few sporadic episodes, Fairless decided to go daily throughout November and December of 2013. He landed an editor and a sponsor who covered the cost of the editing, and The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show was off to the races. “There are a lot of benefits to building relationships with people on the show and building traction with listeners,” he said.

Fairless also was able to spin con- tent from the podcasts into two books, recapping some of the best advice from the first 200 episodes. He then wrote “Best Ever Apartment Syndica- tion Book,” a step-by-step guide. “I wish I had that book when I start- ed out,” Fairless said. He’s now working on a book for pas- sive investors that covers questions they should be asking before signing onto a deal. Another spinoff from the podcast is, which high- lights one philanthropy per month. The charitable endeavor has featured more than 30 causes, all of which Fair- less donates to and promotes on air. The website includes a form for people to submit causes for consideration. “The number-one thing that im- presses me most is people who rise above challenging circumstances,” he said. •

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