By MeiLani Hock

Brain surgerywas only the beginning. My husband Michael and I used to dream of our bright future, which included becoming successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs with a big family. As time moved on, each of those dreams faded, except one. We mastered the dream of a big family! Each of our five children has brought new adventures and love into our home. At one point I caught a glimmer of those big dreams and decided to get my real estate license in a baby step to becoming a real estate investor. But along came baby number three (AJ) and we decided to put our real estate investment career on the back burner, so I got a more stable job to add to the family finances. Time passed and within two months of us welcoming baby number four, AJ was diagnosed with brain cancer. That first night after learning about AJ’s tumor was the hardest night in my life. I laid in a hospital bed holding my baby boy, listening to his deep breathing and hearing Michael sniffle his tears away. The next day the whirlwind of the cancer diagnosis accelerated. AJ was rushed into brain surgery. It happened to be AJ’s second birthday,

28 | think realty magazine :: june 2020

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