so we like to say that he got the best birthday present ever—a clean brain! During AJ’s seven weeks of radiation treatments, I became very good at watching strangers roll my baby on a gurney off into a hospital room where I was not allowed. Also during this time, I got laid off from my “stable” job. I felt like I was losing control of everything in my life, but somehow amidst the chaos, those dreams and goals from years earlier resur- faced. I declared to my husband, “I can’t just sit around and wait for him to die anymore!” I wanted to start our real estate investing company. I felt like there was more in store for us than being defined by this diagnosis. AJ’s cancer diagnosis was the wake-up call I needed in life. We had these beautiful children whom I truly be- lieved could be anything they wanted to be when they grew up. But there I was, not chasing my dreams as an adult. I realized it was time to stop making a list of excuses for all the reasons I couldn’t do the things I had dreamed of, and instead just jump in and DO. Instead of focusing on my situation with a “Why Me?” attitude, I instead chose a “Why NOT Me?” attitude. I dusted off my license and jumped into my life- long dream of real estate investing. I started flipping houses, building new construction, and buying short- and long-term rentals. We fell in love with the idea of Airbnbs that provide affordable lodging for families that need a home away from home like we did during treatments. Through that experience, I shifted my focus to hosting Airbnbs and working with landlords to set up their Airbnb systems. Last year we celebrated the miracle of five years of AJ’s clean scans. I now have five beautiful children am so grateful to be in an industry that allows me to accomplish all the goals on my list. After all, Why NOT Me to accomplish my goals? And why not you too? •

MeiLani coaches individuals, corporations, and large audiences on how to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing as well as how to launch and scale their own Airbnb Hosting business. Visit or listen to her podcast Why NOT Me? Academy.

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