T he past few months, the Think Realty educational platform has brought you podcasts, online articles, and webinars that focus on ways to adapt during the pandemic and that offer business tips to help investors navigate uncertainty. While curating content for you, we have gathered thoughts from business owners, private lenders, and real estate investors.

Here are some of their words on managing a real estate business during COVID-19:

Telecommuting is a term coined in 1973. Virtual staffing is not new. Technology has made it amazingly simple. The only thing that’s different is millions of Americans have been forced to adjust to the new normal overnight.”

—Robert Nickell, Rocket Station

To set up your team for success and to get investors to trust you, you must make time for them during the crisis. Communication is a key function of leadership. Communication is a tool, and it’s most powerful when matched with empathy.”

—Chris Ragland, Noble Capital

Show moderation and stability when no one else has it. Remove negative influences and do not make decisions in times of stress.”

—Eddie Wilson, AAPL & Think Realty

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