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DONATE THEM TO A CHARITY Another easy way to make sure your old devices find a good home is to donate them to a local charity or nonprofit organization. In addition to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and the like, don’t be afraid to stop into local rec centers or senior living facilities to see if they’re in need of a TV or computer. If a donation center won’t accept broken or old electronics, they may offer to dispose of them for you. Just make sure they are doing so the way you’d like. There are also a number of nationwide organizations, like Dell Reconnect, the World Computer Exchange, and Secure the Call, that take electronics from those who no longer need them and put them in the hands of those who do. BEFORE YOU DISPOSE No matter the route you choose, you should completely clear and reformat all devices before you get rid of them. Giving away a phone is awesome, but giving away your personal data is not. HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR ELECTRONICS Don’t Throw Away That Old Phone! NEED NETWORKING OR COMPUTER HELP?

Modern electronics are filled with components that can cause damage to the planet if not disposed of responsibly. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to give your unused devices a second life. Here are two of our favorites. TAKE THEM TO DEDICATED ELECTRONICS RECYCLERS Electronics recyclers, or e-cyclers for short, are popping up everywhere to help people dispose of electronics. Many cities and towns even hold e-cycling days when residents can place undesired electronics outside of their home to be picked up for proper disposal. If you’re curious about these programs, you can visit ECyclingCentral. com to learn about the options in your area. In addition to public programs, there are a number of groups that specialize in the safe disposal and repurposing of electronics. Call2Recycle ( is focused on batteries, and they have maps on their website where you can see participating recyclers. Sustainable Electronics Recycling International ( works similarly, but they handle a wider range of electronics. They only list e-cyclers who meet R2 standards, the highest level of regulation for electronics repair and recycling. SPOTLIGHT ON DR. JERRY ELLEN OWENSBY One of the joys of working at AZCOMP is the chance we get to help private practice entrepreneurs live out their dreams. Helping these people is what we’re all about. As such, there’s no greater compliment we can receive than warm words from our clients. One such client, Dr. Jerry Ellen Owensby, shares her AZCOMP experience below. We started working with AZCOMP Technologies when they called us out of the blue. We didn’t know what kind of companies could do what we needed, and we saw that they specialized in health care and independent practices. They said they’d handle all our vendor issues, and it looked like it was exactly what we needed. We ended up talking to some other computer companies too, but with AZCOMP being in health care, local, and able to manage everything for us, they were what we wanted and needed, even though they were a little more expensive. We’ve been with AZCOMP for over a year now, and it has been well worth the investment. With better computers, better Wi-Fi and internet access, and getting all our issues sorted out with the vendors, we don’t have downtime and are much more productive. We used to have to do many things twice because something would go down in the middle of a process. Now we’re up all the time, and we don’t have to repeat our work. We’re much more secure, too.

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Thank you, Dr. Owensby. It’s a pleasure working with you.

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