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Whether it was the stone-cold grooves or the red-hot, politically charged lyrics, it became massive. At one point in the documentary, a commentator notes, “It was the soundtrack to our lives.” All of this was happening completely unbeknownst to the man who made the music. In fact, most South Africans assumed that Rodriguez was long dead. It wasn’t until decades later that a few dedicated fans decided to find out what happened to this mysterious singer who was so influential in their country. Having little knowledge of his personal life, they used his lyrics to help track him down. Where was Rodriguez? Living in the same Detroit house where he had been for decades. Once rediscovered, Rodriguez performed sold-out shows to an adoring public he never knew he had. Throughout it all, he embodied one of AZCOMP’s core values. We say “we check our egos at the door,” which is a value that doesn’t need much explaining. It would’ve been all too easy for Rodriguez to bask in his newfound glory, but he never did. Instead, he remained his cool, humble self. It’s something we could all stand to keep in mind, no matter what accolades come our way. By Benjamin AN IGNORED TALENT GETS HIS DUE

From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Dickinson, there are countless stories of artists who were not appreciated during their time and only received recognition after they died. But what about an artist who is appreciated in their time only to be completely unaware of it? That is the case for the musician known as Rodriguez. His unbelievable story is told in the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” which I don’t hesitate to call one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. Full disclosure: There will be light spoilers about the movie included in this article, but even if I told you every detail, it’d still be worth checking out. I’ll do my best to sum up the tale without going into too much mind-blowing detail. Anyway, Sixto Rodriguez was an American recording artist who released two albums of psychedelic folk rock in the early 1970s. The albums made little dent in his home country, causing the man who made them to fall into obscurity. Half-a-world away, though, Rodriguez was becoming a legend in South Africa. For some inexplicable reason, his music was insanely popular with South Africa’s young, anti-apartheid generation.

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