2021 Chapter Advertising & Sponsorship Guide

Hybrid Event Sponsorship

Round Table HR professionals working in a specialized discipline and interested in continuing their learning can participate in any of the round table groups offered to members. Round tables are the best way for individuals to network and share best practices with others who understand the area of focus. Exclusive 12-Month Sponsorship - $2,100

DallasHR offers the following Round Tables; 1. Talent Acquisition – NEW for 2021!

2. Benefits & Compensation 3. Employee Engagement 4. Global HR 5. HR Department of One – SOLD Stewart Leadership 6. Organizational Development – SOLD Action-Strategies-By-Design Benefits: • Company logo with link on event webpage • 2-minute remarks at start of each Round Table • Company logo with link on HRConnect community • Recognized as “Sponsored by” in The Bulletin newsletter when upcoming date is featured • Recognized as “Sponsored by” on dallashr.org upcoming events calendar • Verbal recognition by event host/facilitator • Two guaranteed seats to each round table • Company logo with link on pre-event email to registered attendees • Lunch will be ordered by DallasHR on behalf of the sponsor Each round table meets six times a year on a pre-set day from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted. Hybrid option will be offered when local COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Until then all events will be virtual only.

Average Annual Attendance • Benefits and Compensation - 32 • Organizational Development - 31

• HR Department of One - 24 • Employee Engagement - 22 • Global HR – 21 * Based on 2020 attendance


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