Supporting Your Curriculum - 2023/24 SI offer.

NEW ARRIVAL Secure teacher subject knowledge and rigorous, careful planning of the taught curriculum lie at the heart of effective teaching and learning. Subject leaders and teachers must understand the interplay of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge and how these fit into the whole curriculum for pupils to make progress. They must also understand pupils’ needs and how these might best be balanced within curriculum design, structure and implementation. This requires deep knowledge of the way that subjects and the teaching of them have developed in recent times. The subject specific training has been designed to complement the subject networks and will be delivered by the same providers. They are suitable for class teachers who have to deliver a specific unit of work as well as curriculum leads. There will be three courses a year also featuring both virtual and face-to-face training as appropriate. SUBJECT SPECIFIC CPD - £50 PER TRAINING EVENT Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


OCTOBER 4TH 2023 | 2.00-4.00PM ONLINE

What did the Anglo Saxons ever do for us? This practical webinar will give an academic overview of the substantive knowledge needed to teach the early Anglo-Saxon period at KS2, from the withdrawal of the Romans in at 410 CE to the Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 793. Advice will be given on shaping a medium-term plan with rigorous enquiry questions focused on disciplinary concepts and with suggested activities that would help pupils to answer the questions set. Reference will be made to local history and sites that can be woven into the study unit. BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/2TK7C4CX


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