Supporting Your Curriculum - 2023/24 SI offer.

FEBRUARY 8TH 2024 | 2.00-4.00PM IN-PERSON

How did the Vikings change England? This practical webinar will give an academic overview of the substantive knowledge needed to teach the Viking period at KS2 from the first raid on Lindisfarne in 793 to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Advice will also be given on shaping a medium-term plan with rigorous enquiry questions, focused on disciplinary concepts and with suggested activities that would help pupils to answer the questions set. Reference will be made to local history and sites that can be woven into the study unit. BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/58T7V742

JUNE 5TH 2024 | 2.00-4.00PM

Weaving British South Asian history into a diverse primary curriculum. This practical webinar will give examples of how content focused on British South Asian History can help pupils from that heritage identify with the curriculum and raise awareness of this aspect of diversity for all. Planning advice will include suggestions for the choice of significant individuals at KS1 and a focus on the legacy of South Asian soldiers who fought in the world wars. ONLINE BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/4TMJV9D4


NOVEMBER 9TH 2023 | 2.00-4.00PM ONLINE

Investigating your local area. Pupil’s personal, concrete, experiences are at the centre of building geographical understanding of the world. The session will explore how to enable pupils to incrementally build their knowledge of local people, places and events. BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/4DSFRH67


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