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One of the most respected traditional jazz musicians and band leaders in the country, CLINT BAKER is a powerhouse multi- instrumental talent, performing on cornet, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, banjo, tuba, string bass, and drums! Baker started playing clarinet in 1980. His first school band director needed trombonists and quickly switched Clint to trombone. Baker is an autodidact and in the years that followed he would learn additional instruments including tuba, tenor banjo, and drums. In 1984 he organized and led his first traditional jazz band: “Greasy Kid Stuff”. After high school Baker began working full-time as a freelance musician. In 1990 he created CLINT BAKER’S NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND and began performing on Friday nights at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park, California. He has been leading his band there (now called the “Cafe Borrone All-Stars”) for the past 27 years. Baker’s New Orleans Jazz Band has appeared at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Monterey Jazz Festival, and has toured festivals in the US and Canada extensively. For Redwood Coast, CLINT BAKER’S JAZZ BAND is a collection of some of the finest, most recognized traditional jazz musicians in the country. But just because you see one set, don’t think that you’ve seen this band. It is traditional improvisational jazz at its highest levels. Every musician is a multi-instrumentalist, and the lineup changes with different musicians joining in each performance - a tribute to Clint's expert leadership. www.clintbakerjazz.com SPONSORED BY LEE & JACQUELINE TURNER FRIDAY 7:00 pm VETERANS MEMORIAL Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band SATURDAY 2:30 pm SEQUOIA CENTER Clint Baker's Jazz Band 7:00 pm SEQUOIA CENTER Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band SUNDAY 1:30 pm SEQUOIA CENTER Clint Baker's Jazz Band

CORNET CHOP SUEY enjoyed a rapid rise beginning in 2001 when they performed for the first time at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. They've since become one of the premier jazz bands in the world. The seven piece band plays traditional jazz to bop as well as pop tunes in a show style. The band is named after an obscure Louis Armstrong composition and performs a Louis Armstrong set at most festivals. Chop Suey is well-traveled, having toured across the country playing various festivals, and has performed in Europe, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. The band's unique front line with Brian Casserly on trumpet, Jerry Epperson on reeds and Brett Stamps on trombone is driven by a powerful rhythm section consisting of Rick Zelle on piano, Jay Hungerford on bass and Dick Maley on drums. Many of the musicians in the band are educators as well as performers, and played with other popular festival bands prior to forming into one of America's hottest jazz bands. Casserly is the leader of Cornet Chop Suey and is one of the most sought after musicians on the Jazz Festival circuit. He's an Emmy Award winner for his musical direction of Liquid Roads , and has been playing the trumpet and trombone and singing since age 14. Cornet Chop Suey applies its own exciting style to traditional jazz, swing, blues and "big production" numbers. Every performance by CCS is a high-energy presentation and is always a memorable experience for the audience.

www.cornetchopsuey.com SPONSORED BY RO LOWENTHAL

FRIDAY 1:00 pm ADORNI CENTER Opening Ceremonies 7:00 pm SEQUOIA CENTER SATURDAY 11:30 am SEQUOIA CENTER 2:30 pm ADORNI CENTER Nothin' But The Blues 5:30 pm VETERANS MEMORIAL SUNDAY 10:30 am ADORNI CENTER St. Louis Armstrong 1:30 pm EAGLE HOUSE


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