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Whoo's that sound? The second of swing band master DAVE STUCKEY'S bands - THE HOOT OWLS have flown in for the Redwood Coast Music Festival! This Western Swing superband and will be performing on Friday & Saturday, so don't miss out! 2020 Ameripolitan Music Award Winner for Best Western Swing Male, multi-talented Dave Stuckey is a band leader, producer, singer, songwriter, drummer, and swingin' guitarist extraordinaire! Just look at his activities in less than 15 years: He helped the rebirth of the American hillbilly/rockabilly scene with the Dave & Deke Combo, produced the Best Album of The Hot Club Of Cowtown Tall Tales (and co-wrote with them the beautiful When I Lost You and Sleep ), found time to drum with The Untamed Youth AND The Lucky Stars, AND released the best Western Swing album of the last 50 years, Get a Load of This . Before fiddler Spade Cooley & California promoter Foreman Phillips gave it a name in 1944, Western swing was simply known as "Hot String Band" music. Stuckey and The Hoot Owls mine this particular vein of the earliest form of this infectious, swinging genre whose earliest stars were Milton Brown, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, The Light Crust Doughboys and The Tune Wranglers, among others. This red-hot aggregation features Dave Stuckey on rhythm guitar and vocals, James Mason on fiddle, Mikiya Matsuda on steel, Tyler Thomson on bass fiddle, Chris Wilkinson on guitar and the inimitable Carl Sonny Leyland on piano and vocals. Don't miss this chance to dance to swingin' music while watching some of the best dancers at the festival pairing up on the dance floor. www.stuckeyville.net SPONSORED BY RESTIF CLEANING SERVICE

Lead by trumpet legend MARC CAPARONE, THE BACK O'TOWN ALLSTARS will delight dancers and trad jazz and swing fans with some fantastic small-band swing, with a nod to the music of Louis Armstrong’s All-Stars. "Cap" is one of the premier swing-era style jazz trumpet players in the country, and one of the most in demand musicians at RCMF. Blues guitar legend Charlie Baty called Marc "one of the finest trumpet players I have ever played with. A true world-class musician." The son of a jazz trombonist, Marc has been listening to classic jazz his entire life and is dedicated to keeping the traditions of the great early jazz trumpet players alive. He's a regular member of the Holland-Coots Quintet and Carl Sonny Leyland's House Party. Cap was inducted into the Sacramento Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2022. The Back O'Town Allstars is made up of acclaimed swing and traditional jazz musicians from around the US: pianist extraordinaire Chris Dawson is a regular with Jonathan Stout's swing bands in Los Angeles; guitarist Jamey Cummins keep the dance floors packed in Austin, Texas. Trombonist Charlie Halloran is one of the most sought after musicians in New Orleans. Bassist Steve Pikal from Minneapolis is a string bass legend, (and 'the happiest bass player on the planet" according to most who see him); Jacob Zimmerman is one of the most creative and accomplished young reed players and arrangers in Seattle. Drummer Josh Collazo calls Los Angeles home but travels the world as one of the most respected swing drummers in the world. Sweet vocals by Marc's wife, Dawn Lambeth, puts the icing on this musical layer cake. If you like hot jazz and swinging barrelhouse music, be sure to see this band! SPONSORED BY PIERSONS BUILDING CENER

FRIDAY 4:00 pm VETERANS MEMORIAL SATURDAY 5:30 pm SEQUOIA CENTER Duke Swings with Marc Caparone's Back O'Town Allstars


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