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Since their auspicious debut at the 2017 Durango Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival, the Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet has amazed the jazz and ragtime world with their energy, musicality, and humor. As a group, they work together as brothers – each a wonderful soloist and an absolute marvel as a team player, ready to be lyrical or hot, bluesy, rampaging, or sentimental. The HCJQ recorded their first CD in July 2017, a tribute to the great Thomas “Fats” Waller called This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal, which was met with radiant reviews: “Their expression of musical creativity, lyrical, warm, sometimes hilarious, celebrates the joyous merrymaker, but it is more an outpouring of devotion for Fats and what he did so open-heartedly ... the band made magic happen, song after song.” – Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives “The spirit of Waller’s music is captured by these cats, but they put their own stamp on it. Each of the players is a first-rate exponent of playing classic jazz.” – Joseph Lang, Jersey Jazz www.shanesmohawk.com/hollandcootsjazzquintet SPONSORED BY GEORGE & YVONNE COONEY

The Holland & Coots "brand" continues to grow and evolve. The latest incarnation features the aforementioned duo adding the craziest bassist on this (or any other) planet, Steve Pikal! Oh yeah, things are about to get nuts. The word GROOVUS is actually derived from an early form of Latin —created long before the Indo-European folks got ahold of it and turned it into something decent — that, loosely translated means, "Holy crap that swings!" At least that's what Danny Coots tells us (apparently his Latin teacher, Mrs. Christopher, was quite the story- teller). Their debut album, All We Know, features an absolute cornucopia of jazz-related styles that will keep even the most hardened jazz critic interested. Our dear friend and jazz aficionado, Michael Steinman, wrote in his liner notes: "Brian, Steve, and Danny — heartfelt tumblers and jugglers — create MUSIC that makes us feel. We remember sunrises, cool water, grateful breathing, hugs. The Sages describe many routes to enlightenment, but their advice is really "Find your Groove and Groove with others who Understand." The universe has its own joyous rhythm —we feel it in the womb, in the waves. Count Basie had it even when he had to ride a scooter onstage. GROOVUS is so well-named; this trio sends the right vibrations without ever frightening the new puppy." SPONSORED BY GEORGE & YVONNE COONEY

FRIDAY 2:30 pm SEQUOIA CENTER with Andy Schumm SATURDAY 1:00 pm SEQUOIA CENTER with Jacob Zimmerman SUNDAY 6:00 pm RED LION AFTER PARTY with Andy Schumm

FRIDAY 8:30 pm MORRIS GRAVES MUSEUM with Dave Bennett SATURDAY 4:00 pm MORRIS GRAVES MUSEUM SUNDAY 1:30 pm MORRIS GRAVES Groovus with Dawn Lambeth


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