Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


Local clinical data specialist company Veramed spoke to Year 11 students about STEM careers based in Maths/Science.

As well as describing their own personal, and very different career journeys, the presenters gave students an insight into clinical trials and the importance of statistics and programming within these trials, showing how STEM can provide a multitude of different careers. An interactive activity showed the style of work statisticians and programmers perform. They then gave real world examples including the impacts through the vaccination development process of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sabaa Q and Keira W summed up what they thought of the event:

“We enjoyed the assembly and the interaction [of the speakers] to get the year more engaged. The real life example of COVID-19 helped to convey their points in a way which is easier to understand and relate to. We found the explanations of their academic routes to achieve their current jobs helpful as it put [our] studies into perspective of where it can take us in life. It was an engaging assembly which offered great insight into possible careers in STEM along with descriptions of how to get there and what it may be like”.

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