Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022

GLOBE PLAYERS ENGLISH LITERATURE PERFORMANCES The Globe Players enacted three lively performances of classic texts, which our students are studying for their English Literature GCSEs. Macbeth

The symbolism of blood and the theme of guilt were explored, with lots of insight into superstition and context of the time. The porter’s scene was very humorous and its relevance explained well, the fight scenes were tense and the whole play was engaging and fast-paced. As we’ve just finished studying Macbeth, it was perfect timing to see the whole play and how it was structured: they will remember the performance clearly and it is so helpful for their revision.

Romeo and Juliet The actors used the space imaginatively to stage the play in such an engaging way. Romeo and Juliet had a great chemistry and our Y11 students found the play very helpful in their study of Shakespeare. It was a fresh and moving production and very successfully considered the themes of love and conflict.

An Inspector Calls Students were able to appreciate the context and the main themes of responsibility and communi- ty in the play. Seeing the whole play and how the relationships changed, as well as the way tension builds throughout really brought the text to life.

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