Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022


Christmas started early for Year 8 with the Great Christmaths Quiz organised by Ms O’Rorke. The students were split into two different sessions, competing in house groups to win epraise points for their houses and sweets for themselves. The competitiveness was palpable for anybody coming into the hall: all the students were determined to put their Maths learning (albeit interwoven with some Christmas trivia knowledge) to good use. Loads of fun was to be had too with Mr Reynolds and Mr Goulbourne taking their turns as quizmasters, performing little jigs and their best karaoke’s! Flying Glue Stick, (Imogen C, Lottie K, Maya S and Sophie B) clinched the winning spot in Session One, but the drama came for second place with three teams tying. A particularly tricky tiebreaker dreamt up by Mrs Stoney on the spot meant that The Sassy Bakas came second and Christmas Puds came joint third with The Twixes. Session Two was no less tense with The Penguin People (Chiara I, Robyn Z-B, Emily S, Shokria A, Taqwa A) coming out on top. The Jolly Gingerbreads came second and joint third were the Mistletoads and Last Christmas Plums. Well done everyone!

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