Waldegrave School Christmas Magazine 2022

Year 11 Music GCSE students spent the day rehearsing in preparation for the ensemble performance part of their exam which is worth 15% of their final grade. Students worked individually, in pairs or small groups fine tuning their pieces. Our talented music staff gave a performance of a range of pieces, playing several different instruments to show the students how to work together with an accompaniment. Our new bass guitar teacher Mr Gerrish, joined Mr Moorse for the first time ever for an improv, inspiring the students and showing them how to work collaboratively with another musician. At the end of the day some students, including flautists, cellists and a rock band, bravely performed their pieces to the Year 10 GCSE cohort and also their Year 11 music class peers. Some students had never played to an audience that size so it was a valuable experience and it was great inspiration to the Year 10 students who are currently working on their first collaboration performance project. ENSEMBLE REHEARSAL DAY

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