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client’s heels, asking for payment that my client simply didn’t have yet. But, embarrassed about his mistake and under a ridiculous amount of stress, he QHJOHFWHGWRWHOOPHWKLV:KHQ,ZRXOGFDOOKLPWRoJXUHRXWZKDWZDVJRLQJ on, it was always “tomorrow, tomorrow.” Obviously, I knew something was amiss. So, I dialed him up and leveled with him. “Look,” I said, “We’re friends, right? I’ve known you long enough to know that something is up.” We set an appointment, and he came in to the RIoFHIRUDPHHWLQJ:KHQ,IRXQGRXWKH GHVVHQWLDOO\ERUURZHGIURP3HWHU WRSD\3DXOLWZDVFOHDUWKHHQWLUHVWUDWHJ\IRUWKHFDVHQHHGHGWRFKDQJH Luckily, he told me in time. I contacted the lawyer pushing for him to pay up, and we were able to set up an agreement to slow collection for a couple months while my client and I worked up a solution to the problem. Now, instead of the opposition forcing my client into bankruptcy, we bought time for him to collect the money and proceed in a way much more desirable to both parties. ,QWKHSDVW\HDU, YHVWHDGLO\EHHQUHVWUXFWXULQJWKHoUPWRDOORZP\VHOIPRUH time to have this vital communication with our clients. Recently, we brought Valerie Macalik on as our director of client relations, ensuring that, even as WKHoUPJURZVHYHU\VLQJOHFOLHQWJHWVWKHSHUVRQDODWWHQWLRQWKH\GHVHUYH In addition, I’ve stepped back a little as a practicing attorney, taking more RIDELJSLFWXUHYLHZRIWKHoUP7KLVZD\, PDEOHWRWDNHWKHWLPHWRUHDOO\ zero in on our clients’ pain points and keep everybody moving in the right direction. ,ILVDQ\WKLQJOLNHZHORRNIRUZDUGWRDQRWKHUIXOoOOLQJ\HDURI serving our clients and celebrating their growth and achievements. I welcome the opportunity and challenge that will bring and look forward to taking an even more personal approach to each and every case we take on.

Well 2018 is here, and I’m happy to say we all made it through what, for many, was one of the craziest

years in memory. Though my New Year’s resolution this year is “to make no further New Year’s resolutions,” I still admire those who are able to stick to their Jan. 1 goals and change their lives for the better. While I may not be on the resolution train, I still believe the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to step back and take stock of all that’s changed and think a little about the future. Over years of practicing law, I’ve learned that building a relationship with our clients is paramount in order to get them the best possible outcome. From day one with The Gibson Law Group, I knew I wanted to focus on opening lines of communication and understanding between us and the people we serve. It was vital to me that we did our best to truly understand the stories and struggles of our clients to better guide them through the complicated legal process. After all, clients aren’t simply there to pay our bills — they’re people, with all the complexities that come with that. If we treated them like nothing more than a number, not only would they have a much worse experience, but I’m certain we wouldn’t achieve anywhere near the desired RXWFRPHIRUWKHPDQGRXUoUPZRXOGVXIIHUDVDUHVXOW When you really know a client, it’s that much easier to fully invest yourself in their case and keep track of all their needs. For example, a couple months back, I had a client, a business owner, who got himself into a bit of a situation. Eager to complete a large transaction for his business, but lacking the funds, he’d taken money out of a different, incoming transaction to push LWWKURXJK1RZWKLVZRXOGKDYHEHHQoQHH[FHSWWKHPRQH\IURPWKDW other transaction was actually not yet available. As a result, all the numerous deals he was involved in went belly-up, and one of the sellers was on my




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