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Did you know?

S easons partners with CareRx to ensure medication service to our residents is accurate, effective, and safe. Here is how having medication administered by Seasons staff and monitored by our pharmacy partner, CareRx, is convenient and can be beneficial to your health: 1) When medications are managed by Seasons staff, all faxes, daily deliveries, changes in doctor’s orders, etc. are coordinated through the Seasons Wellness Centre for your convenience and at no additional charge. This is especially beneficial when you see multiple doctors for different health reasons. In contrast, some external pharmacies charge for delivery and sometimes the delivery is limited. 2) When the Seasons Health & Wellness team assists with medication administration, it ensures medication is given at the correct time and correct dosage. This contributes to fewer drug interactions with other medications or supplements. 3) The Seasons Health & Wellness team can oversee the effectiveness of medications or the

need to change medications. By monitoring general health concerns, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, or pain levels, we can alert your doctor of a need for change. 4) For residents who choose to administer their own medications, CareRx can have their medications delivered to their Seasons home by CareRx, which takes away the unnecessary need for residents to leave the home and disrupt their day for medication pick-ups. 5) Yearly, or as needed, residents can meet with a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist from CareRx to review their medications, ask questions and discuss the benefits of different dispensing options, such as blister packs. 6) A complete profile (Administration Medication Record) from the pharmacy is readily available to the home and the resident to help record medication history for peace of mind. For more information, please speak to the Seasons Health & Wellness Manager.

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