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How has having a baby boy influenced my life as a PT? Frank, Jr (or Frankie) is my third child so I was already used to switching roles between mother, wife, and therapist however, switching between roles as mother of a newborn and mother of 5 year old twins is not as easy as it sounds. Balancing the wants and needs of all three of my children with the necessary tasks of keeping my house running was exhausting to say the least, and when Frankie was about 5 weeks old I felt my throat getting scratchy and my nose getting stuffed; “I can’t get sick, I don’t have time!” I thought. Thankfully it was the weekend and my husband let me sleep in and nap which helped prevent the head cold from taking hold. So being a mom of three has brought my own health back into focus; reminding me of the importance of preventative care. I must take care of myself first so that I can take the best care possible of my family and my patients. What was it like being 8 months pregnant and working as a PT? In one word...EXHAUSTING! I was 8 months pregnant and the mother of twins! Working as a PT while pregnant with twins, I was limited by the size of my baby bump (which was quite large); I also suffered from fatigue in my last trimester which limited my work schedule. I thought being pregnant with a singleton would be a piece of cake by comparison; I was wrong. Being 5 years older with a body that had already endured a twin pregnancy turned out to be far from sweet and delicious. I had to find a way to combat the swelling in my legs, the strain on my back, and the fatigue in my head. Compression socks made my legs feel stronger, medical massage eased the tension in my back, and as for the fatigue, well, at least my doctor said it was safe for me to have one cup of coffee per day while pregnant!

What is your favorite memory with your son so far? Being a third child myself, I know that my sweet Frankie will have few things that are solely his; as is such with my favorite memory with him. The first time the twins, Giovanni & Sophia, came into my hospital room after Frankie was born. I was holding Frankie and his big brother and big sister

climbed into my bed to peek over the edges of the receiving blanket to see their new baby brother. He opened his big eyes and then turned toward Sophia as she stroked his cheek. The love between siblings was visible. If you could give your son one piece of advice, what would it be? Take long naps! In all seriousness though, it would be not to take yourself too seriously. I believe the only way to get through life and not loose your mind it to find the humor in a situation. Life is too short to let the bad things drag you down. Find a way to smile and things start getting better. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends with your son? The best weekend is when the sun is shining and we can get out of the house as a family; we love picnic lunches and bike rides in the park, watching the boats in the marina or playing on the playground. In the first few weeks home, we noticed that when Frankie was in his pack and play, he would stare out the window at the leaves moving on the trees; this would often help calm him when he got fussy. Being out in the fresh air brings a smile to his chubby little face instantly and the

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