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September 2017

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I once had a relative ask me for the name of a good insurance company. I said that it depends, are you just trying to satisfy your mortgage company, or are you actually trying to protect your house or car from damages? The fact is, the insurance industry has set this country up so that they can’t lose. And they’ve controlled the discussion about it, too, by spending a lot of money to make us all think that lawsuits are frivolous and that they’re the good guys. But they’re not the good guys. They’re the guys that the law tells us we have to do business with, whether we like it or not. Want to drive a car? Get vehicle insurance. Want to avoid a government fine? Get health insurance. Want to start a business? You probably need liability insurance. Believe it or not, though, for these insurance companies, all that money still isn’t enough. They’ll do whatever they can to avoid paying when you need their help. Loyalty means nothing to these people. I know many people who have paid their premiums on time for 10, 20, and even 30 years. And then something bad happens, like a car accident, and they need the insurance

company to honor their side of the agreement. More often than not, the company will try to find all kinds of reasons why they don’t have to pay a dime. And these companies have all kinds of dirty tricks to get their way and leave desperate people without any help at all.

money the law says you should have, and are told you opted out, even though they never told you that’s what you were doing!

“They’ll do whatever they can to avoid paying when you need their help.”

If you pay someone to help and then they don’t, I’d say that’s theft. Wouldn’t you?

One last dirty trick: The company uses its data processing abilities to figure out that if they can go from paying $15,000 on average to paying $13,000 on average, they’ll make hundreds of millions of dollars across the board. So, that’s what they do, basically stealing a few grand from you in the process and hoping you’re too scared to sue or just don’t notice. So, what’s the name of a good insurance company? I don’t know that I could give you one. They know they have the upper hand in every situation, and they take advantage of people in need every single day. The light at the end of the tunnel is that you don’t have to take it. Give us a call. – Wade Coye

It gets even worse, though. Today, most people buy insurance online, and the company sends you an e-form to click through as fast as possible. And that’s a problem here in Florida, where the law says the company has to give you the same amount of uninsured motorist coverage as the amount of bodily injury coverage you have selected. Since Florida does not require drivers to carry bodily injury coverage (the insurance that would pay for some of your injuries if another person injures you while driving), uninsured motorist coverage is your way of protecting yourself against all of the uninsured drivers out there. But here’s the dirty trick: You’re allowed to opt out of this coverage, and the insurance company loves to hide the opt-out clause in that e-form. So, you get in an accident, go to get the


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