Horizon PT August 2018

physical therapy and rehabilitation August 2018

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August is a month of big changes at the office. As summer draws to a close, we’ve been hard at work revamping our building. In June and July, we brought on new teammembers, so expect to see some new faces around the building next time you stop in. We’ve also started the process of remodeling areas of the building. Once completed, we will be adding new carpet, new finishes, a better use of the space, and, best of all, more equipment. We have around 1,000 square feet of space we have not been utilizing, and I’m excited to get this project completed to put that area to good use. I want to provide my patients with the best resources possible to overcome pain and take back their lives. “Ultimately, I want patients to walk in the front door and find everything they need to recover waiting for them.” Most patients will be familiar with the weight machine we have that allows you to work out with up to 120 pounds. This machine is a great asset, but it takes up a lot of space and can only be used by one person at a time. For a while, I’ve had my eye on a similar machine that could be used by three patients simultaneously, with up to 200 pounds of weight. This kind of machine would improve our clinic in so many ways, and it’s only the beginning! One of my long-term plans involves getting an anti-gravity treadmill and adding a machine that allows for reductions of back pain, with all the work being done by the machine. I know the anti-gravity treadmill sounds like something out of “Star Trek,” but this machine is actually grounded in real-world science and has been proven to help patients recover from back or leg injuries. Let’s say you were in an accident and hurt your leg. Once it’s healed again, the best way to regain strength in your leg is by using it. But a lot of people in recovery find it much too painful to put their full weight on their leg, so they can’t work out like they need to. An anti-gravity treadmill decreases weight on your legs so you can walk with up to 100 percent less weight, which allows for movement during early recovery. You probably won’t see the anti-gravity treadmill in our building this month, but it’s one example of a big plan I have for the clinic.

Ultimately, I want patients to walk in the front door and find everything they need to recover and more waiting for them. It’s a big goal, but I believe we’re getting there. Every day, I hear from patients who are more hopeful after getting treated at the office. Some patients talk to me in person, while others leave heartwarming reviews on Google. Horizon PT has more positive reviews than any other physical therapist office in Flint, and I couldn’t be prouder. These reviews mean we are doing a good job. They mean patients are getting better and living without pain again. Each new reviewmeans another new patient is one step closer to finding us and taking the steps to live without pain. I always want to hear from our patients. If you haven’t yet, please search “Horizon Physical Therapy, Flint” on Google and leave us a review. Let us know how we’re doing, how we’ve helped you, and what you are most excited about going forward. Thank you for your support.

Your Physical Therapist,

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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