Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 18, 2023

CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Board of Trustees May 19, 2023

Action – Associate of Arts in General Studies Degree Central Washington University proposes to create an Associate of Arts (AA) in General Studies degree. The Associate of Arts (AA) Degree is a two-year undergraduate degree program requiring 90 credit hours with a foundation of general education supplemented with elective or introductory major courses. CWU is committed to retaining and graduating students with a four-year degree. Our region and the state would benefit as more students complete their degrees, and former students re-engage in their educational goals. This two-year degree will be a new degree type for the university. It will assist the university’s retention efforts with the focus on equity, accessibility, and inclusivity lenses. Students would be able to obtain their first-degree and continue in completing their four-year degree. The AA degree will support the retention of first-year students who typically stop out in year one (30%) or year two (an additional 10%) by allowing them to attain a college degree and add value to any debt they may have accrued in the first two years as well as boost earning potential. This degree will also allow CWU to re-recruit former students who have stopped out with credits but without a degree. The award of the AA degree will support students to choose a pathway toward a four-year degree. Admission to this program is open to any fully matriculated Central Washington University (CWU) student who has not previously earned an associate or bachelor level degree from any regionally accredited college or university. The AA degree will not be included in CWU’s recruitment or admissions materials as the degree is intended for fully matriculated students.

We recommend the following motion:

The Board of Trustees of Central Washington University hereby approves the Associates of Arts Degree, pending UPAC approval of related CWU policy in June, 2023. Submitted: Approved for Submittal to the Board

Michelle DenBeste

Jim Wohlpart

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


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