Lonoke: Avoid Surgery After A Sports Injury

Patient Spotlight

Meet Michael. He came to physical therapy after injuring his right shoulder at a football camp in June. He was having difficulty reaching behind his back and participating in football camps and practices. Michael has now returned to full participation in football without pain and will begin his senior year of Lonoke football this fall season. Check out his success story below. “ProMotion Physical Therapy has been an amazing experience for me! I came in to seek treatment for my rotator cuff that I had recently hurt at football practice. After five weeks of treatment I could throw a lot better and now take contact again. I also could pick up heavy objects and work overhead once again. My shoulder pain decreased tremendously and healed better than before. Here at therapy, I received great information and learned new things about the body. Every visit was a success because I got better and received a lot of laughing. There’s so much love and care here at therapy and I encourage you to try it for yourself. I count this adventure a success.” - Michael H. “I count this adventure a success!” Outstanding RESULTS I feel like my normal self again!

I can now run with little pain! “I can now run with little pain and jump and squat with no pain. I can catch the ball and throwwithout pain. I can actually walk to school without aching all day. When my friends ask me to go walking, I can actually say yes and go without having to sit in the house all day because of pain. Thanks to Lonoke Physical Therapy for all your help.” - A.C.

“I came into therapy with a grade 1 MCL sprain. After two weeks, I can now have use of my elbow. I am now able to throw and play baseball. I have no trouble bending my elbow. I feel like my normal self again.” - C.H. I can now start running again! “Before and right after surgery, I wasn’t able to do many routine things around the house. I can now play softball and start running again. I’m very thankful for the staff at Lonoke Physical Therapy. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.” - H.C.

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