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One cause that is extremely close to my heart is the Bikes for Kids program our firm is working on. Every child deserves the opportunity to ride a great bike, and we want to open up that possibility. We’ll be giving away one bike, helmet, and lock each week to a deserving child. The contest runs through Aug. 22, and nominating a child is simple. Rules For a child to be nominated, they must meet the following criteria: • 5–15 years old • Must live within the Pasadena Independent School District OR if the person nominating the child is a VIPmember, the child will be eligible Process 1. Find a Nominee Do you know of a child who has had a positive impact in the community? Maybe a child who persevered in the face of adversity? If you know such a child, nominate them! 2. Fill Out Our Form Head on over to texas and fill out the form. 3.WinnerWinner, Chicken Dinner We will review all the nominees each week and select a winner. Our teamwill reach out to you and make sure the child receives their newwheels. If you have more questions, be sure to read the fine print at attorneymcclure. com/bikes-for-kids-texas or reach out to our office today at 281-747-9961. The Bikes for Kids Giveaway


Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are the models of wild success. And while they had passion, dreams, and grit, they quit traditional education. For someone like me, who has spent years upon years studying and testing and who continues to seek education, this article and advice may seem contrary to my overall views and outlook on grades and college. You see, I am not convinced that college is necessary in this day and age. Further, I am fairly certain that, while getting straight A’s may help you get a great job, it may actually be detrimental to a person’s future. Hear me out … Let me first get the attorney double talk out of the way. If you have a passion and that passion requires college, then you must “invest” in a college degree. For example, engineers, nurses, teachers, doctors, and lawyers must go through the educational process to become licensed in their field, and their degrees are assets. But if you are going to invest time and money into such a degree, your degree had better be an asset and not a liability. If you have no passion for your chosen area of study, or if your ultimate job doesn’t require such an extensive education, you really have only created a liability.

One of my favorite authors, Robert Kiyosaki, wrote a book entitled “Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students and ‘B’ Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents,” which talks about how studies and data clearly show that “A” students end up working for “C” students. He states that the education system is created to churn out employees who can memorize, read well, and test well. These types of “star” employees are usually the “A” students. In contrast, the “C” students are the creative thinkers, visionaries and dreamers who become innovative and creative entrepreneurs. Why? Maybe it has to do with the fact that “C” students have learned that “failing” is a part of life and that to succeed in life, one must take risks, whereas the “A” student buys into the belief that failure is to be avoided at all costs. Or maybe the contrast can be better understood in the belief of parents who only want to see the highest letter grade stamped on each test or paper as compared with those parents who push their children to be more well-rounded, to be more socially skilled, and to pursue passions. The point of the book is not to say that education is bad, but to emphasize that if we really want to raise successful children in the real world, we must

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