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Patient Success Spotlight

I felt like I was getting personalized care!

“ I was battling a herniated disc and pretty nasty compressed nerve root - that was really causing me a lot of pain and impacting my day- to-day activities. I had a couple of meetingswithanorthopedicsurgeon who (thankfully) suggested I meet with Josh at PTI; in an effort to avoid further diagnostic visits and most importantly, to avoid spine surgery. Literally within a few minutes after meetingJosh,hehaddiagnosed(what was laterconfirmedbyanMRI)exactly what was causing me so much pain. He had a treatment plan put together

to first remedy the pain, secondly to restore the neck and armmotion and lastly,to leavemewithsometoolsand techniques to keep up the therapy at home. Ittooksomeworkandpatience, but I really can’t describe how well things turned out. I should also commend PTI for their clean and modern facility, and their top notch equipment. Josh and staff are professional, courteous and personable. I definitely felt like I was getting personalized care.Thanks so much to Josh and the team at PTI!” – Jason S.


Why You Need To Come Back In For A Check-Up: � Move without pain

� Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle

� Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely


“The annual cost for chronic pain is as high as $635 billion a year, which is more than the yearly costs for cancer, and diabetes. ” - The Journal of Pain, 2012

Experience Dry Needling To Reduce Pain!


Staff Spotlight

Performance is offering dry needling for your aches and pains. Dry needling utilizes a solid filaform needle. No substances are injected, therefore the technique is called ‘dry needling’. Trigger points are hyper- irritable spots in a taut band of a muscle. Trigger points may cause pain locally or refer pain to other areas and cause dysfunction of normal movement patterns. Specific evaluation, palpation, and treatment of trigger points may reduce pain and restore function. Physical therapists performing this procedure have advanced training and certification in the use of trigger point dry needling. If you or someone you know is suffering from any chronic pain, contact a facility near you to seek treatment today!

Jorge was born and raised in the greater Nashville area. After graduating from high school he attended Tennessee Technological University where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He then enrolled at the prestigious University of St. Augustine where he earned a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Since graduating from physical therapy school in 2009, Jorge has practiced exclusively in out-patient orthopedics. In addition to his many years practicing in orthopedics he is also has an Integrative Dry Needling certification. “Physical Therapy and physical fitness are my passions and I enjoy helping people return from injuries back to the activities the love. In my free time I enjoy staying active. I particularly like hiking, cycling, being on the lake and spending time with family.”

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