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area, theOntario Provincial Police has been

So therewewere theotherday, debating

enforcing the “Phone in One Hand, Ticket

the issues of the day.

in theOther” campaign, toensure that those

As this was beingwritten, the big topics

who do not complywith distracted driving

included, of course, the weather, and the

legislationaredealtwith to the fullest extent

crops. Other current affairs were the debt

of the law. In 2010, theO.P.P. charged 8,522

of the United States, our strong dollar,

drivers under Section 78.1 of the HTA for

rumours of the Expos being revived, the

using a hand-held device while driving.

state of rural internet service, dangerous

Last year, there were 7,733 collisions on

drivers, habits that are fatal.

O.P.P.-patrolledroadswhere thedriverwas

The entire two-hour exchange of

Real, unplugged connections

deemed to be inattentive/distracted,

fascinating ideas and compelling

resulting in 35 deaths, 1,040 injuries and

arguments took place, amazingly, without

considerable property damage.

hospitalized as a result of a cycling injury,

suffering from a rare medical condition

the use of any electronic gadgets or any

A recent study by researchers at the

withclose tohalf of these injuriesoccurring

that can only be controlled by a rapid

form of “social media.”

University of Utah concluded that drivers

in June, July and August.

infusion of coffee and doughnuts. Poor

Yes, children, the human can still

on mobile phones are more impaired than

Between 2001-2002 and 2009-2010,


communicate without resorting to a key

driversdrivingover the legal BloodAlcohol


Such close calls are too frequent.

pad, mouse or any other of the array of hi-

Content limit. A recent Ontario Health E-

most common among children and youth

By the way, hasn’t the weather been

tech gizmos we have at our disposal.

Bulletin indicated: “Teen-driver car crashes

younger than 20 (42%), with 10- to 14-year-

great? Because of these dry spells, we have

Going unplugged for a few hours is

remain the leading cause of permanent

old boys hospitalized the most frequently.

had to exercise water conservation, and


During June, July and August, an

injury and death in Canada, the United

resist the temptation to hose down the car

Are you still with us?

average of 194 deaths occurred every year

States and almost every industrialized

andwater thegrass. But thearidconditions

Just checking to see if we had your

inCanada fromallmotorvehiclecollisions,

nation worldwide.” The main culprit is

have meant that there have been few

undivided attention.

all-terrain vehicle (ATV) collisions and

rainouts this summer.


There is always an urge to “share” with

summer sports and recreational activities.

As another aside, summer is the peak

skills anda failure toacknowledgepersonal

somebody out there in cyberspace, eh?


season for wheel-based or water-related

limitations. Teenagers falsely believe they

One of the downsides of “social media”

ATVs is growing faster than that for any


can “drive distracted” without increasing

is an attention span reduction. It is too easy

other major type of wheel- or water-based

Every day of the summer, an average of

the risk of a serious collision.

to multi-task. Obviously, it is impolite to

activity. In 2009-2010, there were 3,386

45 Canadians are hospitalized for injuries

So, to sum up, we can live with parched

textmessageswhileyouare supposed tobe

hospitalizations for ATV injuries across

suffered while cycling, roller skating,

conversing with a real live person. But

lawns and dirty cars. But we cannot live

Canada—a 31% increase since 2001-2002.


everyone does it.

with irresponsible, oblivious motorists.

Those at highest risk of injury were young

swimming, diving, kayaking and boating.

Under the wrong circumstances, multi-

Summer is short enough. Let’s try to get

men age 15 to 24.

Like they have always said, fun is fun until

tasking could kill you, or somebody else.

away from all gadgets for a few hours, and

Motor vehicle collisions still represent

somebody has to call 9-1-1.


to enjoy the season, in person, in the real

the number two cause of injury in Canada,

“Summer is agreat time tobe active and

we exchanged horror stories about

world, literally.

enjoy the outdoors, but it is also a peak

second only to falls, with 18,964

encounters with nutso motorists.

period for motor vehicle injuries and



Crack wins nod

trauma related towheel andwater sports,”

number has declined significantly (21%)

The guy is waiting to make a left turn into

says Greg Webster, Director of Primary

from 2001-2002. The summer months,

heavy traffic, while talking on a cell phone,

Health Care Information and Clinical

August in particular, and the Christmas

andsuckingonapaper coffee cup.Heguns

North Glengarry Mayor Grant Crack

Registries at the Canadian Institute for

season represent peak periods for motor

it, narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle.

defeated Gerry Bertrand and Claude Levac

Health Information. “It’s important to

vehicle collisions.

Heproceeds along the street, tailgating.He

Wednesday towin theLiberal nomination in

ensure that individuals and their family

then pulls another dangerous left-hand

The number of water-related injuries

the provincial riding of Glengarry-Prescott-


turn, so he can enter a drive-through

has remained relatively stable since 2001-

Russell. He will face ConservativeMarilissa

the rules of the road or water and play safe


2002, with 331 injuries occurring in


while being active this summer.”

It must have been a food emergency.

in the October 6 contest to replace Liberal


In 2009-2010, 4,324 Canadians were

The distressed driver was no doubt

incumbent Jean-Marc Lalonde.

Now take cell phones. Throughout the





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