Letter to The Editor

August 17 – 21 août , St-Albert

Cats: Do not blame the

animals, blame the owners

The Editor,


In response to the recent newspaper

beenproveneffective. Somany townsacross

articles about the Town of Hawkesbury

Ontario have become involved in this

proposing a new By-law #46-2011

program. Why not Hawkesbury or is this

prohibiting the feeding of wild animals

town totally uncaring and insensitive

and certain birds, this is an unacceptable

towards helpless animals? I think it’s time

solution to ending the homeless/feral cat

that this town starts showing some

crisis in Hawkesbury.

compassion, and interest in its residents

The term “wildlife” refers to such

(human or animal) don’t you? A caring and

animals as foxes, skunks, raccoons and

compassionatecommunityattracts tourism,

wolves because that’s exactly what they

not neglect of its inhabitants.


Even our Prime Minister and his wife

lion is considered “wildlife” but a feral cat

loveandsupport thecatsonParliamentHill.

is a domestic cat that has been lost or

Check the “Cats of Parliament Hill”website

abandoned and forced to return to living

andyou’ll seehowwell their catsare treated.

on the streets. But they are not wildlife.

It’s a tourist attraction that is continuously

Imposing a fine of $200 on anyone who

cared for on a daily basis by volunteers. The


people love it.

unacceptable and an act of neglect and

I doagree that pet owners dohave to start

animal cruelty.

taking full responsibility by having their

We all know that this new proposed

pets sterilized and to keep them identified

bylaw is directed towards fixing the

with a collar and name tag with the address

homeless cat problem and has nothing to

or phone number on it, or have their pet(s)

do with other wildlife. I mean seriously,

micro-chipped especially if their pets are

when was there ever a complaint made

used to being outdoors. You can’t lock up

about anyone feeding stray bears on their

every cat in the neighbourhood but you can


take precautions toprotect them. So the next

If this proposed by-law is passed and

time you complain, don’t blame the cats,


blame the pet owners. Cats only do what

and become far more susceptible to illness

comes natural and don’t know any better.

and disease andwill continue to breed and

People do! Pet owners need to take full

thatmeansmorehomeless/feral catsbeing

responsibility for their pets. The cats will

born in our community. That is not the

live happier, healthier lives and they will

solution to controlling the cat population.

rewardyouwithyearsofunconditional love


which is also very therapeutic.

which is a long and painful death.

Become part of the compassionate


solution to end feline homelessness by

around in our neighbourhood that need a

putting the word “human” back in humane

lotmore attention and feral cats are not one

anddotheright thing.Toshowyour support

of them. But yet people are complaining

for the TSNR program please call Mayor

about feral cats! Oh my God! Get a life,

RenéBerthiaumeat (613) 632-0106, ext. 2224,

people! Why do you think the community







is so full of stray and feral cats in the first

place? Yes, there is a big problemwith cats

“The greatness of a nation and its moral

over-populating the community, butwhy?


It’s becauseunconcernedpet owners allow

are treated.”

their pets to go roaming around the

We could all learn a lot from the famous

community un-spayed and un-neutered.


People seecute littlekittens in thepet stores

words have ever been spoken.

and buy them and then decide that they

May God protect Man from himself, and


animals from man.

like trash.



if theyaren’t going to treat it like familyand

give it the love and respect it deserves?

Ensemble Hémiole

Cats and dogs are the most loving and

affectionate animal on the planet yet they


get blamed for human stupidity.

What else can we do as a caring and

The Hémiole vocal ensemble will

responsible community to help these

entertain in five languages Saturday,

homeless and now starving animals of

September 10 at 8 p.m. at the Centre

Hawkesbury? These animals are not


hurting anyone and are only looking for


food and shelter to survive and protect

ý”Au fil de l’eau” (“Carried by the

their young. People who complain

Current”) will feature Canadian and

obviously have nothing better to do with

Québec folk songs, contemporary Québec

their time and are actually contributing to

ballads and several pieces from the French

the problem because they have no

Romantic period. The choir will be singing

compassion whatsoever for them even

in French, English, Latin, Huron and

though they too are God’s creatures.

Hungarian. Many of the songs have a

Asaconcernedcitizenfor thewell-being

watery theme, an appropriate enough

of these cats, I suggest that it’s about time

subject following this spring of abundant


rain and rising rivers. Don’t forget the

Berthiaume become part of a positive and

monthly brunch Sunday, August 28, from

humane solutionandshowcompassion for

8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For info : Campbell


CommunityCenter at819-242-3232orLyne


PASSEPORT FESTIVAL (tout inclus): 65$

at 819-242-2378.

towards the people’s ignorance when it

BILLETS DISPONIBLES : Fromagerie St-Albert, Marché St-Albert, Caisse Nouvel-Horizon, Caisse populaire de Hawkesbury et de Cornwall, Caisse populaire Trillium de Rockland et de Limoges, Cheddar Et Cetera (Orléans) et en vente sur notre site Web.



blame the cats by starving them to death

with the town’s new proposed By-law.


Visitez notre site Web pour les prix des billets. Visit our website for ticket prices.

Starvation is not the solution. It’s only

themeans tomuch larger andmore serious



25 des Outaouais Rd., Chute-à-Blondeau,

collects from issuing annual dog licences

hosts Saturday, August 13 from noon to 5


p.m. a silent auction. Sunday, August 14, at

program in our community. The only

2 p.m., a Pointe-Fortune get-togetherwill be

humane solution is to allow the (TSNR)

held. For information: 1-866-269-2962 or

Trap, Spay, Neuter & Release program to

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