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October 2017

There were so many lessons that came out of the dot- com bubble — lessons that have stayed with me. However, while you can’t control what happens in the market, you can manage your own situation and put measures in place to protect your financial future. In short, that’s where I come in to the picture. While I’m a wealth advisor by day, I maintain an active lifestyle on evenings and weekends. I used to play a lot of tennis, though I ended up hurting my back last year, which put a damper on one of my favorite activities. But that hasn’t slowed me down by much. My two kids, Ian, who’s 15, and Lauren, 11, keep me moving. My son, who’s autistic, loves horseback riding and often rides at Star Community’s Equestrian Center. Star Community is an organization dedicated to special needs children and an organization I am proud to serve as Treasurer. My daughter is into both soccer and tennis. In fact, Lauren was recently recruited by the Washington Spirit U.S. Soccer Development Academy! I want to end by saying my wife, Stacey, and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Stacey teaches fourth grade, and she is an all-around amazing woman. It’s been an incredible 20 years!


Scott Toms and the Changing Financial World

I joined Cornerstone Wealth Management in March of 2000. While that’s a fairly innocuous fact about me, if you remember that year, you know what was about to happen. I started my advisory career at an interesting time. We were months away from shifting into a bear market, and the dot-com bubble was about to burst. You could say I held on to my seat and weathered the storm. Investors were nervous and emotions ran high. Before the bubble burst, I hadn’t experienced anything like that in terms of sheer uncertainty. As I joined the financial industry, my first year gave me an incredible look at how things really worked in the investment world. No amount of formal education could have prepared me for the early 2000s. It was something you had to experience. It came with its own learning curve and, as you can imagine, there were major challenges to overcome. Despite the emotions and the anxiety shared by investors, I wouldn’t change my experience (though I’m sure the many people who invested in the countless dot-coms of the time might disagree). These experiences set the stage for my career to come. There were so many lessons that came out of the dot-com bubble — lessons that have stayed with me.

One of the aspects of the financial industry that keeps me engaged after 18 years in the business — and one of the aspects that I truly love — is that everything is constantly changing. It’s an environment in which there is always new information to absorb. After all, the financial world never sleeps. New businesses come into the fold, and there are always new investors, new strategies for investment, and so on. More importantly, though, I love working with clients. Because the financial industry is constantly changing and nuanced, our clients (and really anyone looking for wealth management solutions) may not be well-versed in available investment options or wealth planning in general. To have the opportunity to sit down and talk about wealth planning, and to help clients pursue their goals, is highly rewarding and a huge source of pride. Of course, it isn’t without its set of challenges. Coming back to my earliest days as an advisor, I do have to remind clients that there is a lack of control when it comes to investing. The stock market is largely unpredictable, and as investments fluctuate day-to-day and week-to-week, it can be easy for even seasoned investors to forget. Forgetting can lead to an emotional response, and emotions don’t tend to mix well with the financial markets.

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