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I grew up in Fayetteville, a military town in North Carolina. There’s a lot of patriotism in a military town. Growing up, you always knew someone who was in the military or who had retired from the military. My dad was active duty before I was born and spent time in the reserves when I was young. My mom was a civilian, but she worked on Fort Bragg, which was the nearby military base. WHAT DO WE CELEBRATE ON JULY 4?

Declaration of Independence was signed, there was some trial and error before the Constitution was ratified and important amendments passed. It took some time, but the Founding Fathers built a country that thrives today, thanks to its laws. When you think about the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America, you probably think about freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. These are huge staples we enjoy as a free society, but they’re only the beginning. Lawyers spend a lot of time thinking about the Seventh Amendment, which gives us the right to a trial by jury. This amendment aims to make sure people are treated fairly and that the law applies to everyone equally. For me, Independence Day is a time to reflect on the structure of government we have that makes our country great. Sure, sometimes the government can drive people nuts, but it exists for a reason. Our government and laws exist for a reason. We’ve structured our government in a way that protects people’s rights, no matter what life throws at them.

Every Fourth of July, my parents would take us to see the fireworks show at Fort Bragg. Being the largest military base in the world by population, it’s no surprise that Fort Bragg goes all out with their fireworks. During the show, the sky is filled with hundreds of fireworks while the orchestra plays Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture,” punctuated with real cannon fire. It remains to be the greatest fireworks show I’ve seen in my life, though, to be honest, I haven’t been to a proper Fourth of July fireworks show since Fort Bragg. These days, fireworks aren’t a huge part of my Fourth of July celebrations. I have two small kids: a 7-year-old and an 18-month-old. They can’t stay out too late, and we’re usually putting them to bed around the time the fireworks start. That said, during the day, we have a lot of fun celebrating. Our whole neighborhood gets together for the Fourth to hang out by the pool and have a cookout. It’s always a great time. Growing up in a military town gave me a deep sense of patriotism, but I think that being a lawyer gave me a better understanding of Independence Day. From a lawyer’s perspective, all the freedoms we enjoy in the United States are thanks to the rule of law. After the “... BEING A LAWYER GAVE ME A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF INDEPENDENCE DAY.”

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate all the freedoms we enjoy every day that people in some parts of the world can only dream of. And as a lawyer, I’m reminded of my responsibility to protect those freedoms when called upon to do so. –Darl Champion


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then toss it on the grill. Just make sure your pizza will fit on the grill first! You may need to make smaller personal pizzas if you have a smaller grill. Pro Tip: The hotter you can get your grill, the better. At 500°–600° F, it may only take a few minutes to completely cook the pizza, so don’t leave the grill. This is the best time to use a pizza stone (if you have one) to ensure a golden- brown crust, but you can place the pizza directly on the grill. Bread: There’s nothing like making your own artisan bread at home, and you can do it right in the grill. You can create your own flatbread, rolls, or full loaves with just about any bread recipe. It all comes down to time and temperature control. 500° F tends to be a safe bet. If it’s too hot, you’ll overbake the outside while the inside remains raw. Salsa: You can kick up the flavor of any homemade salsa by first grilling each ingredient you want in your salsa, such as tomatoes, jalapeño, onion, or garlic. This includes salsa with fruit, such as mangoes or peaches. Allow each ingredient to get a light char, but be sure to remove the charred skin of the tomatoes after grilling. Leaving it on can result in a burnt flavor rather than a smoky one. the accident. But if you’re hit by a truck, the blame may go deeper than who is behind the wheel. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, but these life-saving regulations are often ignored in favor of making a profit. In some situations, injured victims may be entitled to seek compensation from the trucking company. Why Are Trucking Accidents So Complicated? The Case Is More Difficult Cases are won with evidence. In trucking accidents, attorneys need to know where to look for that evidence. Is there a “black box” showing the conditions of the vehicle? Did insufficient training, pressure from the trucking company, or faulty equipment contribute to the accident? Companies will resist handing over this information, so your attorney needs to have experience looking for and obtaining the evidence. Trucking accidents aren’t like other car crashes. If handled incorrectly, they can ruin a person’s life. When you need help after a major accident, make sure you’re in good hands. Get help from an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney by calling The Champion Firm at 404-596-8044.

During the summer, the backyard grill becomes the place to be. It’s the best site for sharing grilled meat and memories. But as you grill this summer, why not take a step out of your “meat comfort zone?” Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, just about any backyard grill can be transformed into an all- purpose, high-temperature

oven. Get ready to kick some of your favorite foods up a notch! Here are three foods that are great for grilling. Pizza: Making your own pizza at home is incredibly easy. You can make your own dough or buy it at the grocery store. Roll it out, add all your favorite toppings,

Motor vehicle accidents should always be taken seriously, but collisions involving tractor-trailers are often the deadliest and most damaging due to their massive size. Personal injury cases involving large truck crashes are often incredibly complicated too. Here are a few reasons why. The Injuries Are More Severe Every year, about 165 people die as a result of large truck crashes on Georgia roads. The victims who survive these crashes often need months of rehabilitation and time off work, and many suffer permanent disabilities as a result of the accident. Brain damage, paralysis, psychological trauma, and other permanent disabilities are common in survivors of truck accidents. Proper medical treatment is the only way to ensure survivors have the opportunity to lead normal lives after their accident. To do this, they need to receive medical treatment immediately following the accident as well as compensation for any needed ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives. There May Be More People Responsible If you’re rear-ended at a red light by another car, the other driver will likely assume some degree of responsibility for DANGER ON THE ROAD


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Summer vacation means long days in the sun. While we could all use that extra dose of vitamin D, it's important to be safe about the sun. Sunburns, heatstroke, and skin cancer are all real threats. Here are some tips to stay safe while enjoying the summer sun. Top Summer Sun Safety Tips Fun in the Sun? Most people use plenty of sunscreen when they're spending all day at the beach or water park, but harsh sunlight can damage your skin even when you’re walking around or driving your car. People of all complexions should wear sunscreen every day. Dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen with SPF 30 first thing in the morning and reapplying periodically through the day. If you're serious about sun safety, don't put the sunscreen away when it gets cold. The sun is still harmful in the winter months. Don't Be Shy About Sunscreen

an increased risk of heat-related illnesses, like heatstroke. Improve your health all year long by drinking more water throughout the day.

Don't worry about the “eight cups a day” rule. Everyone

needs a different amount of water, and your body will let you know how much! The best way to stay hydrated is to drink water whenever you feel thirsty.

Beware of Hot Cars

Never leave a child or an animal in a hot car. Every summer, there are horror stories about children suffering from heatstroke and dying after being left in a car unattended. Even if it’s only 70°F outside, the inside of your car will heat up to 90°F within 10 minutes, and it only takes just a few minutes for tragedy to strike.

Stay Hydrated

Everyone could stand to drink more water. Americans have a bad habit of drinking more soda, coffee, or energy drinks than they do pure, clean water. This can lead to dehydration, which is a real danger in the hot sun. Dehydration can lead to

The summer months won't last forever, so make the most of the sunshine while staying safe!




This month, we’re giving away two tickets to the Braves versus Reds home game on Friday, Aug. 2! Just answer this question for a chance to win: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? Email your answer to tamsie@

• 16 small potato rolls, toasted • Salt and pepper, to taste • Your favorite burger accompaniments

• 2 lbs. ground chuck beef, 20% lean • 8 slices melting cheese (like American, Swiss, Muenster, or cheddar) 1. Divide beef into 16 evenly sized balls. 2. Rip cheese into roughly equal pieces, creating 16 equal portions. 3. Using your index finger, create a small indentation in each ball. 4. Fill indention with cheese and Directions

5. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-high. 6. Lightly coat skillet with oil and cook patties in batches. Brown one side undisturbed, about 3 minutes. Carefully flip and cook until desired doneness, about 3 minutes for medium. 7. Serve on toasted potato rolls with your favorite accompaniments.

for a chance to win. Submissions must be received by Wednesday, July 31, 2019, to qualify.

pinch meat around to seal. Then gently form balls into 3/4-inch- thick patties. Season patties.

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Iceland Just as its name suggests, Iceland can be the perfect destination for travelers yearning to get away from the unbearable summer heat. With temperatures rarely exceeding 60°F — the average high for the country — packing is easy for this relaxing vacation. Take a relaxing dip in one of the country’s many hot springs or enjoy tremendous views of the fjords. Even better, you can tour the country at any time because it’s sunny almost 24 hours a day. What could be better than a midnight hike around the fourth happiest country in the world? Norway Just because it's summer doesn’t mean you have to give up your skiing hobby! Venture off to Norway and experience some of their most popular summer ski resorts. After a day or two shredding the slopes, experience the popular Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo or choose between numerous outdoor and indoor exhibitions. Best of all, you won’t even break a sweat, as the average temperature in Norway’s hottest month barely hits 70°F. Bordering Sweden and northern Finland, Norway can even be the beginning to a cool European tour this summer.

As the scorching summer sun beats down, it’s hard to remember that just six months ago you were shivering through the winter, whether that meant a chilly 50°F or

bitter subzero temperatures. But if cooler temps sound like paradise, and a dip in the pool is no longer keeping you cool, it might be time to take a vacation somewhere chilly. Check out these three destinations to avoid the summer heat. Alaska No place says chilly quite like Alaska. Trips to Alaska can be expensive during this time of year, but when you step into that crisp air with a cool mountainous view, you’ll understand why it’s a popular summer voyage. Travelers can choose to fly or take a cruise ship, and many cities feature tourism-packed excursions. A few notable locations include Anchorage, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and Denali National Park and Preserve.


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