Disability Services Activities & Classes - Winter 2022-23

Disability Services Activities & Classes

Everybody Plays!

Winter 2022–23

Dance Your Heart Out Join us for the Sweethearts Ball! Show off those moves and reunite with friends

as we dance our hearts out, make some memories, and groove in the name of love. Come join us at Lakeview Senior Center Friday, February 10, 7–9 p.m. Sweethearts Ball is open to those ages 14 and older. Registration is recommended but not required. Admission is $3 per participant payable online or at the door. Sign up for Sweethearts Ball at y ourirvine.org (search for course No. 72396). If you have questions about this event, please call 949-724-6637.

Pickleball for All Learn the basics of pickleball in this fun and adaptive class with Coach Tobin. It is recommended that participants purchase paddles before program. Limited paddles will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Ages 18+. Th Jan 5–Jan 26 6pm–7pm PSP $72 #75374 Th Feb 2–Feb 23 6pm–7pm PSP $72 #75375 Th Mar 2–Mar 23 6pm–7pm PSP $72 #75376

Providing support to persons with sensory, physical, and/or cognitive disabilities, and their family members. If you would like additional information, resources, or referrals, please contact our office. 949-724-6637 • disabilityservices@cityofirvine.org


CRAFTS & ART Sweet Shade Crafting Critters Learn and practice crafting basics with your friends! Share your creativity and love for crafting in this fun and interactive art class. Ages 6–10. Sa Jan 14 10:30am–Noon SSC $15 #72374 Sweet Shade Creative Arts Series Practice and master artistic techniques. Staff will guide you through various lessons to develop your skills and creativity in different art mediums. Ages 10+. Watercolor Basics Sa Jan 28 11am–12:30pm FAC $15 #72375 Sa Mar 4 11am–12:30pm FAC $15 #72377 Clay Extravaganza Sa Feb 18 10:30am–Noon FAC $15 #72376 DANCE, MUSIC & DRAMA

Adaptive Stretch & Flex Improve your health with this low-impact exercise class. This effective 60-minute program will help you burn fat and build muscle. Beginners welcome. Ages 10+. Tu Jan 17 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72381 Tu Feb 14 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72382 Tu Mar 14 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72383 Adaptive Yoga This adaptive yoga class helps to relieve stress and improve body awareness, flexibility, and strength. Instructor provides patient and gentle guidance. Bring yoga mat and water bottle. Ages 10+. Th Jan 12 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72384 Th Feb 2 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72385 Th Mar 9 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72386

TRIPS strives to support eligible Irvine adults ages 18 and older with disabilities in maintaining independence, community involvement, and employment through the provision of safe, reliable, professional, accessible transportation services.

STOPS INCLUDE: • Nonemergency medical appointments • Grocery stores and personal errands • Lakeview Senior Center, Rancho Senior Center, and Trabuco Center

Adaptive Dance This adaptive dance class encourages exercise and improves body coordination, flexibility, and strength. Instructor promotes free spirit, enjoyment, and laughter.

Ages 10+. Th Jan 26 Th Feb 23 Th Mar 23

For more information and an application, call 949-724-7433 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday–Friday. cityofirvine.org/trips

6pm–7pm SSC $10 6pm–7pm SSC $10 6pm–7pm SSC $10

#72378 #72379 #72380

949-724-6637 • yourirvine.org • Winter 2022–23

Game Night Join us for a fun-filled night of games, laughter, and entertainment. Snacks provided. Ages 10+. F Jan 6 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72389 F Jan 27 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72390 F Feb 17 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72391 F Mar 3 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72392 F Mar 24 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72393 Inclusion Club Join us in an engaging afternoon program with educa- tional and fun daily activities including crafts, sports, games, cooking, science, and more. Ages 10+. W Jan 4–Mar 29 2pm–6pm SSC $390 #72394 Junior Chefs Learn the basics of cooking in this delightful adaptive class. This class will help you become more confident in the kitchen by teaching safe usage of cooking tools in addition to cooking and baking fundamentals. Recipes and supplies included. Ages 6–10. Su Feb 12 10:30am–Noon SSC $15 #72395 Movies & Munchies Connect with friends at the theater. Fee includes movie ticket and a meal. Event time is subject to change based on show times. Registered participants will be informed of movie, time, and location two days prior to the event. Ages 14+. Sa Feb 4 10am–2pm $20 #72397 Sa Mar 18 10am–2pm $20 #72398

SOCIAL & RECREATIONAL Cooking Basics Bring out your inner chef while preparing delicious food in this adaptive cooking class. Learn the safe usage of cooking tools, in addition to cooking and baking fundamentals. Ages 14+. Su Jan 8 10:30am–Noon SSC $15 #72387 Friday Night Social Club Friday Night Social Club provides fun recreational activities while encouraging social interaction. Come make new friends and socialize. Snacks provided. Ages 10+. Shamrock Festival F Mar 10 6pm–8pm SSC $10 #72388


May 14

4:15 – 5:30 pm






Time class meets Location: See map on back page

Fee, if required

Session number if registration required

REGISTRATION is available on yourirvine.org. PARTICIPANTS not living in Irvine are required to pay an additional $5 nonresident fee for courses priced $11 or more.

LATE PICK UP NOTICE: A $5 late pickup fee, plus a $1 per additional minute fee, will be assessed for all participants not picked up within 15 minutes of program end time. For emergency purposes, call 949-724-6637 to notify City personnel.

949-724-6637 • yourirvine.org • Winter 2022–23


Kingpin Bowling Be a part of Irvine Kingpin Bowling. Fee includes bowling shoes and bowling ball rental. Meet at Irvine Lanes.

Ages 14+. Su Jan 22 Su Feb 26 Su Mar 26

Noon–2pm Noon–2pm Noon–2pm

$10 IRL #72405 $10 IRL #72406 $10 IRL #72407

Mini Pins Bowling Join us for an afternoon of bowling. Fee includes bowling shoes and bowling ball rental. Meet at Irvine Lanes.

Ages 6–10. Su Mar 12


$10 IRL #72408

Sweet Shade Bingo Bonanza Sweet Shade Ability Center is hosting Bingo Night! Test your luck with friends and see if you can win five in a row, four corners and more. You won’t want to miss our bingo bonanza. Ages 10+. Tu Jan 31 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72399 Tu Feb 28 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72400 Tu Mar 28 6pm–7pm SSC $10 #72401 Sweet Shade Cinema Welcome to the Sweet Shade Cinema! Enjoy action, adventure, and animated films with your friends. Socialize over dinner and refreshments before your favorite film. Participants will be informed of movie selection two days prior to event. Ages 14+. Action F Jan 20 5:30pm–8:30pm SSC $15 #72402 Animation F Feb 24 5:30pm–8:30pm SSC $15 #72403 Adventure F Mar 31 5:30pm–8:30pm SSC $15 #72404 Sweethearts Ball Dance the night away with your friends at the Sweethearts Ball. Refreshments provided. Registration not required; $3 at the door. Ages 14+. F Feb 10 7pm–9pm LSC $3 #72396


The City of Irvine Disability Services provides Adaptive Swim Lessons to persons with disabil- ities who live in Irvine and want to learn how to swim. Please contact Disability Services at 949-724-6637 for more information. Angelfish One-on-one instruction focuses on comfort in the water and achieving success in an aquatic environment for participants with a cognitive and/or physical disability. Guppies These group lessons, focused on those with special needs, have a student to instructor ratio of 3:1. Classes will focus on improving swimming skills and overall physical fitness. To enroll, stu- dents must have successfully graduated from the Angelfish program. Ages 3–16. William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center will be closed for renovations mid-November to mid-February. Limited programs will be offered. For additional information and updates, please check out irvineaquatics.org .

949-724-6637 • yourirvine.org • Winter 2022–23


Phone 949-724-6637 Weekdays: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Walk In Sweet Shade Ability Center 15 Sweet Shade, Irvine Weekdays: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Online yourirvine.org You’ll Need: ■ Account Login ■ Credit Card

GENERAL INFORMATION ■ Update your contact information regularly (email, phone number, and mailing address). Call 949-724-6637 or email disabilityservices@cityofirvine.org with changes. ■ All courses are subject to cancellation or change. ■ Registration is required for all courses, unless noted otherwise. ■ The nonresident fee is an additional $5 per course priced $11 to $74; $10 for courses priced $75 or more. ■ Confirmation receipts are emailed after each transaction. ■ If a course is full, you will be placed on a waitlist and enrolled in an alternate course if provided. Do not attend the course if you are on the waitlist until you have been contacted. ■ A $5 late pickup fee, plus a $1 per additional minute fee, will be assessed for all participants not picked up within 15 minutes of program end time. For emergency purposes, call 949-724-6637 to notify City personnel.

METHOD OF PAYMENT ■ MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express: Include complete account number, expiration date, and security code. ■ Make checks payable to: “City of Irvine.” Returned checks are subject to a $25 processing fee. ■ Cash: Accepted for walk-in registration only. ■ Registration subsidies available to income-eligible Irvine residents. Please call 949-724-6611. ■ Processing fees for payments will be assessed at checkout. CANCELLATIONS, WITHDRAWALS & REFUNDS Call 949-724-6637 or email disabilityservices@cityofirvine.org to cancel, withdraw, or request a refund. ■ If a course is canceled by the City or the instructor, the client will receive a full refund. ■ Participant-requested withdrawals are subject to the Withdrawal Guidelines below. ■ Credit card transactions will be refunded to the original card used. Cash and check transactions will be refunded by check. Please allow two to three weeks. ■ User account credit may be offered in lieu of a refund. User account credit balances, upon written customer request, may be refunded to a customer at any time. Withdrawal Guidelines 1. General Withdrawal Fee: Withdrawal requests are processed with a $5 withdrawal fee per transaction. 2. Classes with one to three session dates: Requests must be received one week prior to start date for a full refund (less withdrawal fee). 3. Classes with four or more session dates: Requests must be received three days prior to second class meeting for a full refund (less withdrawal fee). 4. Excursions or Special Events: Withdrawals are not eligible for refunds. 5. Balances less than $5: If a withdrawal is for a class with a fee of less than $5, the total class fee will be assessed as the withdrawal fee.


The City of Irvine Community Services Department provides high-quality leisure services for all residents of Irvine with disabilities. The City understands the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and invites people with disabilities to enjoy all programs and services offered by the department. For questions regarding services, please contact Disability Services at 949-724-6637.

For questions, call 949-724-6637 or email disabilityservices@cityofirvine.org . For hours of operation, visit cityofirvine.org .

City of Irvine Disability Services P.O. Box 19575 Irvine, CA 92623-9575


LOCATIONS Sweet Shade Ability Center (SSC) 15 Sweet Shade Irvine Civic Center (ICC) 1 Civic Center Plaza Irvine Fine Arts Center (FAC) 14321 Yale Avenue Irvine Lanes (IRL) 3415 Michelson Drive Portola Springs Community Park (PSP) 900 Tomato Springs William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center (WAC) 4601 Walnut Avenue Irvine Residents with Disabilities Advisory Board Irvine Residents with Disabilities Advisory Board (IRDAB) was established in 1990 by the Irvine City Council to ensure residents with disabilities have equal access in community life. IRDAB meetings are held quarterly, on the first Tuesday of the designated month, at 6 p.m. at Sweet Shade Ability Center, 15 Sweet Shade, unless noted differently. Meetings are open to the public. IRDAB’s mission is identifying and recommending programs and services meeting the physical and social needs of residents who have disabilities, regardless of age. The Board provides advocacy and support for programs related to community needs and proposes recommendations to a variety of City departments. IRDAB also works collaboratively with vital community organizations. For more information, contact Ryan McGraw at 949-724-6732 or rmcgraw@cityofirvine.org .

Important Numbers

Disability Services. . . . 949-724-6637

TRIPS. . . . . . . . . . 949-724-7433

Irvine City Hall . . . . . . 949-724-6000

Class Registration . . . . 949-724-6610

FOR Families. . . . . . . 949-724-6650

Access-OCTA . . . . . . 877-628-2232

State Disability Claims. . 800-480-3287

Social Security . . . . . . 800-722-1213 Administration

Regional Center. . . . . 714-796-5100 of Orange County

Irvine Unified . . . . . . 949-936-5000 School District Special Education California Department . . 714-991-0800 of Rehabilitation cityofirvine.org/ds



949-724-6637 949-724-6637 949-724-6637




949-724-6637 • yourirvine.org • Winter 2022–23

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