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ON THE MOVE CHARLES S. HOCKING, PE, JOINS CHA BOARD CHA Holdings, Inc. announced today that Charles S. Hocking, PE, has joined the CHA board of directors. Charlie is the founder and president of CSH Strategies, LLC, an executive management and strategy consulting firm, focused on helping engineering companies create and realize value for their stakeholders. Prior to founding his own firm, Charlie was CEO with Hazen and Sawyer, a leading national water engineering firm with over 1,300 employees. Charlie brings more than 30 years of progressive executive management and strategy development expertise to the CHA Board. “Charlie is a proven leader and strategist who will help take CHA to the next level,” said Michael Carroll, chairman. “His deep experience in executing strategies that lead to value creation will be a

great asset to the Company and Board alike.” “Charlie is a great addition to the Board, bringing decades of proven and relevant leadership in the AEC industry. He will bring tremendous value, and I look forward to working alongside him to achieve our vision and to advance our strategic growth initiatives,” said Jim Stephenson, CEO. “I’m honored to be joining CHA as an Independent Director,” said Charlie Hocking. “CHA is one of the premier engineering firms in the industry, and I’m excited for this opportunity to meaningfully contribute to CHA’s continued success.” Prior to founding CSH Strategies, LLC, Charlie spent 24 years at Hazen and Sawyer, DPC, the last 10 years serving as President, CEO and Chairman. He earned civil engineering degrees from the University of Washington and

Northeastern University and is a licensed professional engineer in New York and Washington. CHAHoldings, Inc. is theholdingcompany for CHA Consulting, Inc., an innovative, full-service engineering consulting and construction management firm providing a wide range of technology-enhanced planning and design services to public, private and institutional clients. CHA was ranked the No. 53 largest engineering firm in the United States in 2021 by Engineering News-Record. With technical personnel and offices throughout the United States and Canada, CHA offers engineering, architecture, survey, asset, construction and project management, and other services necessary to complete projects on time and within budget.

you when you need to go to bed and gives you all kinds of information about the quality of your sleep. I highly recommend both. 5. Limit your intake of negative information. That means you may want to shut off the news, spend (a lot) less time on social media, and, as I stated earlier, watch who you spend time with. The more negativity that goes in, the more likely it is that you will become negative yourself. 6. Input positive information. That means watching movies and TV shows that are inspirational or make you feel good, reading books about people who have succeeded at trying whatever it was they were trying to accomplish, and seeking out positive information wherever you can find it. 7. Do something tangible. We were stuck in the house with bad weather for a few days recently and I focused on doing things that needed to be done inside the house. I went out to my shop and grabbed my bench grinder with a new fine brass wheel and put it in the dungeon- like basement of our Victorian-era house. Then I took off painted over door hardware – knobs, latches, strikers, lock covers, and more, one door at a time – in our more than 120-year-old house, cleaned them up on the wheel, and reinstalled them. It was very gratifying to see everything working and looking so much better. None of these things in itself is enough. I think they are each important and each crucial to maintaining a positive mental state. And THAT – if you are a leader – is essential for you to do your job! Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at

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Don’t spend too much time with the negative ones if you want to keep yourself positive. We just visited with a neighbor yesterday who is super negative about some of the improvements planned for our town. My wife said it affected her for hours afterward. 3. Go for little victories every day. Set yourself up for success with small goals that you can achieve. Break up big overwhelming projects into small tasks that you know you can complete. You will be more likely to feel like you are making progress. It’s more gratifying. And that will help keep you positive. “In spite of all these things that are well beyond my control, I have so many other things to be thankful for in my life and I don’t want to take anything for granted. My highest aspiration is to appreciate every single day for the good it brings.” 4. Diet, sleep, activity. There is nothing new about the importance of these three things. Technology helps. I have found the Apple Watch my wife gave me as a present a couple years ago has been invaluable when it comes to keeping me moving. It tracks my exercise, steps, and how much I stand every day. My wife and I compete with each other to complete our activity “rings.” The Oura ring she got me more recently is fantastic for tracking sleep. It tells

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