UJ Alumni Impumelelo Magazine Edition 8

Peter Serite Growing up, I dreamt that in a century’s time, when future generations ask which hundred men changed the globe, my name would be amongst them. – Peter Serite

“Growing up, I always had a dream that in a century’s time, when future generations ask which hundred men changed the globe, my name would be amongst them. I want to leave a lasting legacy of distinguished excellence. S&A Chartered Accountants was the best way for me to achieve that.” His chosen path is not without challenges, he admits. “Like most businesses, strategy, cashflow, getting the right people to join our teams and access to markets were our biggest hurdles in our starting years, we have teethed through that and now our biggest challenge would be doing work in Africa and the rest of the world. The complexities and regulations can be challenging but extremely exciting at the same time.” Reflecting on the future of the accounting profession after the big four accounting firms PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG had to work hard to win back public trust since state capture and other accounting irregularities became known, he says. “CAs need to demand from themselves as professionals the highest standards of ethics and excellence. We need to hold each other accountable and be each other’s keeper. We need to consistently deliver work that is without reproach and of a global standard.” When he is not delivering services to his clients, Peter is busy with his brainchild Bohlale Business, an in-house digital business incubator and bespoke business accelerator that drives SMME growth and development and helps create sustainable employment. Bohlale is a concept he has been developing in the background for years, not only as a game-changer but also a way to really drive transformation, employment and empowerment to the economy and people of South Africa and Africa at large. To date, the accelerator has services, directly and indirectly,

The founder and MD of S&A Chartered Accountants, Peter Serite is a chartered accountant, transformation catalyst, lecturer, entrepreneur, business coach and auditor. “Being a finalist in the 2021 SAICA Top 35-Under-35 contest was confirmation that my firm is on the right track. More important is what this means going forward. The bar has been set, the expectations are high, I am now one of the top young CAs in the country. “The support of a professional body of the calibre of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) opens opportunities for us to do more and better,” he says. Peter, who has vast experience in both the public and private sectors and has a client portfolio with a wide range of JSE-listed clients, multinational corporations, state- owned entities and high-growth SMMEs, says it all started with his mother and his high school teachers who insisted he take up a career in accounting and CA in particular. “I was keen on becoming an urban jazz producer but I don’t regret being where I am today. It is as if accounting chose me.” He enjoys connecting and meeting new people, meeting different people from different business backgrounds. As a CA he can relate, offer value and adapt to various business environments where he can provide real solutions to real problems in real businesses. Running his own business is part of a childhood dream come true.

Peter Serite, passionate about transforming lives, empowering the youth and creating sustainable employment. For Peter Serite being a finalist in the SAICA Top 35-Under-35 contest was confirmation that his firm is on the right track. The bar has been set, the expectations are high, he says.


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