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The Right Kind of Thrills

My Love of Motorcycling

As hard as it is to believe, Halloween is right around the corner. My kids are well past the age for trick- or-treating, but watching the spooky decorations going up around my neighborhood still makes me nostalgic for those days. More than the candy or costumes, my favorite part of this holiday is the underlying idea that you should confront your fears and rush into exhilarating situations. This is something I had no problem doing while I was growing up. Believe it or not, I used to be a real daredevil. It all started when I was just 9 years old and my parents gave me quite the surprise — my very own dirt bike. To some of you, putting a child on a motorcycle might sound unthinkable, but my father was a lifelong rider and understood the value of teaching me to ride while I was young and fearless. That said, my father and I come from very different generations. While he’s always been content to cruise down the open Texas highways, I took to the more extreme elements of biking — motorized or not. I got into BMX and motocross riding as a kid, going off jumps and doing high-risk stunts. I loved the thrill of racing up a ramp only to hang in midair before the world rushed to meet me. Of course, as I grew, so did my taste in motorcycles. In high school, I had one of those little pocket bikes, but I upgraded to a Honda 750 in college. Having that extra horsepower and feeling the freedom of the open road was definitely a rush, so, by the time I was out of school and ready to make my way in

the world, I was riding a Harley Davidson.

Even with the demands of starting a law firm, I tried to find the time to get out and ride whenever possible. The great thing about Texas is it’s motorcycle season year-round, so at a moment’s notice, I could don my riding jacket and head out. When I had the time, I loved making my way up to the winding hill roads north of San Antonio. Nothing

compares to the freedom you feel curving down those highways with nothing but your bike between you and the pavement. Of course, my riding days are over. Getting married, starting a family, and signing life insurance forms has a way of keeping you from dangerous stunts. I have people who depend on me and my health, so I hung up my riding leathers and focused on being a father. Not everyone chooses to make this call, of course — my own dad did a great job raising my sister and me while remaining a lifelong motorcyclist. In fact, he still has his 90cc bike today.

concerns. I understand the allure of the open road despite how risky motorcycling can be. My firm and I may not be able to shield you from the inherent risks to your physical health, but we can protect your rights if you are caught in an accident. The fear of financial ruin, thanks to another driver’s negligence, isn’t exactly as thrilling as racing toward a motocross ramp.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, here’s to the good scares and thrills people seek out.

Ride safely,

The silver lining is I get to help protect motorcyclists and drivers alike who may be facing those same

–Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

“... by the time I was out of school and ready to make my way in the world, I was riding a Harley Davidson.”

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