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SEPTEMBER 2018 GO GATORS! College Football Season Is Finally Here

A s a little kid, I wasn’t the biggest college football fan in the world. I’m originally from Chicago, but I never much latched on to the Wildcats. My interest in the college-level sport grew gradually as I got older. Of course, I was always big into football itself. We used to have big family gatherings in front of the TV to watch the Bears — a perfect excuse to get together. Then, in high school, I played receiver and defensive end, and while I wasn’t anything amazing, I always loved my time on the field. But once I headed off to the University of Florida, my interest in college football solidified forever. From then on, it was Gators for life. When I was attending the University of Florida, the Gators were an absolute powerhouse. We’d go berserk at the already-legendary Florida tailgates, psyching ourselves up to trounce whichever competitor was unlucky enough to make their way to Gainesville. Tailgating back in my undergraduate days at the University of Illinois was pretty tame by comparison, everybody cocooned in coats with hot chocolate clutched in their hands, but in Florida, it was on a whole different level. Those were massive, summer-like parties where it was basically impossible to not have a good time. I got totally caught up in the experience, proud to be part of such a tight-knit, passionate community of fans. It’s a feeling that never left, even as the

Gators have wound down their unstoppable success in recent years. My son Noah has been an even bigger fan than me ever since he was little, back when Tim Tebow and Co. carved a scorched path through the SEC conference and secured two national championships. He thought they’d never lose, and though I tried to warn him that it couldn’t last, being only four years old at the time, he wouldn’t listen. Still, even today, he sticks by his team, loyal to the end. Even though they’re no longer the force that they once were, I’ll always be a Gators fan. We try to make it out to at least one Gators game a year as a family, and it’s always a blast. And of course, whenever I see my sister, a Florida State alum, I’m contractually obligated to give her a hard time and place bets to see who will win. If we come out victorious in the rivalry, my kids and I will call her and talk as much trash as humanly possible, but if we lose, we duck and cover and pretend it never happened. These days, the games are a great excuse to stop everything on Saturday and spend some time away from yardwork, business, and all the little, less-exciting things that pile up. When it’s football time, the stakes feel higher, and it’s easy to become totally engrossed and forget about all the minor stresses of everyday life. No matter what, it’s something I look forward to every fall.

This year, as any of the fans out there reading this right now will tell you, the outlook for the Gators is brighter than it has been in a long time. At the time of writing, the season hasn’t started to kick up just yet, but with Dan Mullen at the helm, I’m confident that 2018 will be the University of Florida’s year. You can bet that, until the Gators return to their rightful role dominating the SEC, my family and I will be here, sending them all the good vibes we can spare. In the meantime, go Gators!

-Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



NEW AND R ED I SCOVE R ED PAS S I ONS I N LAT E R L I F E A Guide to Picking a Post-Career Hobby

WHY YOU SHOULD CREATE A REGIMEN FOR YOUR LIFE Maintaining Your Balance Whether you’re just curious about starting an exercise routine or you’re a veteran marathon runner, there’s one aspect of physical fitness everyone can benefit from: balance. Balance training is an all-too-commonly forgotten piece of physical wellness. We use balance every day without even thinking about it, but it can also be central to maintaining overall wellness and achieving exercise success. As shown Aside from financial concerns, the No. 1 question that most impending and recent retirees struggle to answer is how they will fill up all their time. While spending time with family and relaxing are priorities for most folks entering the post-career chapter of their lives, these aren’t enough to fill up the bulk of your newly acquired free time. Cultivating a hobby is a great use of your time at any age, but especially during retirement. As Dick Van Dyke once said, “To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing.” Here are three questions to help you discover a hobby that’s right for you. Work has a tendency to put our other interests on the back burner. Maybe you painted for pleasure during college but put the canvas away to focus on your career. Perhaps you were once a chess fanatic, and today you find your board gathering Do you have a dormant passion?

dust from lack of use. Now is the perfect time to rediscover those once-beloved activities.

What have you always wanted to do?

Discovering new hobbies is just as rewarding as rekindling old ones. Have you ever heard about a pastime and thought, “I’d love to do that, if only I had the time”? Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe opened a winery after retiring from football. While you probably don’t have the financial resources of a professional athlete, there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing a newfound passion at the same velocity as the footballs Bledsoe threw.

energy to devote to it. Many older adults find that giving back to the community adds meaning and purpose to their lives. The best way to figure out how to donate your time is to think about a cause dear to your heart. From there, find a reputable organization that supports said cause, and see what you can do to help. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself head-first into something you’re passionate about. So what are you waiting for? No Senior Sliding Here It’s inevitable: Your body will get older, and subsequently, your balance may be affected. Everyday tasks like walking or standing can become arduous and possibly lead to falls. In a continuing cycle, those falls can lead to even more balance issues for older adults. The American Heart Association recommends incorporating balance routines and exercise into your daily lifestyle at least three times per week — a method that has been shown to reduce falls. The association also reports that those who have suffered from a stroke have seen greater improvement when incorporating balance and exercise moves into their recovery, and the risk of repeat heart attacks decreases with continued exercise. As with any form of exercise, ask your doctor for approval before starting a balance regimen. To learn more about balance benefits or ways you can improve your balance, visit , or call us at 352-243-9341 (Four Corners office) or 352-243-4422 (Clermont office).

Is there a cause you want to support?

Volunteer work can be incredibly fulfilling, especially when you have the time and

below, incorporating balance exercises into your daily routine is essential for all lifestyles.

Developing Habits While Young Establishing a healthy balance routine in your child from a young age is essential to physical success later on. If a child’s balance is underdeveloped, the effects can range from low endurance during physical movement to hand dominance issues and sensory overloading. Developing and supporting balance exercises in your young one can set them up with successful habits, allowing them to better use their physical abilities in the future. Excelling in Exercise The American Council on Exercise advocates rotating balance exercises into your regular training routine to help improve performance and achieve your goals. Balance exercises can help tone your figure while also fine- tuning your physical skills, helping you perform better. For example, runners can utilize a stronger sense of internal balance to propel themselves forward, and those working their lower bodies will find better ways to prepare before a workout.

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Food Balance


Foods That Cause and Reduce Inflammation

Refined carbs: Basically anything made from white flour falls into this category, including bread, pasta, baked goods, and cereals. Research suggests that refined carbs may be a bigger contributing factor than fat in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Alcohol: Too much alcohol puts a burden on your liver, an organ that helps flush toxins out of the body. You know all of those detox diets? They don’t work. In fact, the only way to detox is to let your liver do its job. When you consume alcohol, it’s harder for the liver to pump out the toxins in your body. When it can’t do its job properly, the result is inflammation.

The food you eat plays a major role in how your body functions on the cellular level. Some foods can wreak havoc on your body, while others can make you feel great. This is especially true when it comes to that all-too-common ailment, inflammation.

orbs of goodness are packed with

Here are a few examples of foods that lead to inflammation:

antioxidants, vitamin C, polyphenols, and so much more. Eat a handful every day!

Sugar: One of the biggest culprits behind inflammation, sugar is far worse than eating fatty foods. It’s best to skip foods that have added sugar (and this includes sugar of any kind, including corn syrup, fructose, and sucrose). Many manufacturers now label food with more specific kinds of sugar to hide the fact that they added sugar to their product. Be sure to read labels carefully!

Salmon: As a source of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is one of the best protein choices for people with inflammatory conditions, or for those who want to keep inflammation at bay. Broccoli: One of the most nutritious and easily accessible vegetables around, the little green buds that cover the tops of broccoli are loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds.

Now, for the good stuff. Eat these foods to reduce inflammation:

Blueberries: Many studies call blueberries one of the best fruits you can eat to ease symptoms of inflammation. These blue

Inspired by PaleoHacks



When it comes to eating paleo, side dishes are almost always a bigger challenge than mains. If you’re in need of a flavorful vegetable dish, check out this recipe for spicy, savory cauliflower.

INGREDIENTS • 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets

• 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper

• 2 tablespoons coconut oil

• 1 clove garlic, minced

• 1 teaspoon turmeric

• 2 tablespoons water

• 1/2 teaspoon cumin

• Chopped fresh basil, to garnish


1. Heat oven to 400 F. 2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together coconut oil, spices, garlic, and water. 3. Lay cauliflower across a large baking sheet, season with salt and pepper, and top with mixture. 4. Roast for 30 minutes, garnish with basil, and serve.

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Lunch and Learn Events When: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 12 and Sept. 26 Where: Clermont Arts and Recreation Center Curious about living options as you age? Interested in knowing more about Medicare? Then September’s Lunch and Learn events are calling your name! Attendees of the semimonthly events will learn about the future of senior living on Sept. 12 and about Medicare Part D prescription plans and penalties on Sept. 26. And if these topics aren’t part of your knowledge needs, stay tuned for other topics at this free event on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month through December. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot by calling 352-395-3500 or emailing sramdass@ .

Family Movie Night When: 4-6 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 29 Where: The Box Theatre of the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center Get lost in music and culture at this month’s free screening of Disney Pixar’s “Coco.” When aspiring musician

This September, Clermont residents are invited to celebrate salsa, seniors, and the silver screen. Throughout the city, festivals and regularly scheduled events are available for people of all ages to attend and enjoy. Fall for your local community with this smattering of autumn events in Clermont! Clermont Sips & Salsa Festival When: 4-10 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 8 Where: Downtown Clermont Whether you fancy the food or the dance, the annual Sips & Salsa festival has something for everyone. Expand your palate while you explore cultural cuisine landscapes, or get out your dancing shoes for salsa music and dancing. This event also includes Chihuahua races, a dominoes tournament, and a kids zone. Learn more at .

Miguel feels trapped by his family’s ban on music, he finds himself in the Land

of the Dead during one of Mexico’s biggest holidays, the Day of the Dead. Born with a musical talent, Miguel treks around the land in search of his great- great-grandfather, a legendary musician. Call 352-395-3500 for more information.

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