Robin Hood Annual Report 2023




Programs and Special Initiatives

Robin Hood understands that the fight against poverty requires a long view and calculated bets.

We invest in programs that support people at every stage of their lives: from the womb to baby’s first steps, from elementary school and into adulthood. We focus on helping New Yorkers in need achieve outcomes that we know are critical predictors of life-long economic mobility: babies being born with healthy birth weights, accessing high-quality childcare and entering kindergarten ready to learn; achieving proficiency on third-grade and eighth-grade standardized tests; completing high school; graduating college or completing a postsecondary job training program; accessing public benefits; reducing personal debt; accessing jobs that pay livable wages; and retaining stable, affordable housing. These milestones are just a few of the many outcomes your financial support makes possible. Together, we are working to support people living in poverty to escape it — permanently.

With your support, we are also working to meet the basic needs of New Yorkers to help stabilize families so they can be in a position to thrive. It Is hard for children to focus in school if they don’t have enough to eat at home. And it is hard for parents to focus on developing the skills to build a well-paid career if they are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. At Robin Hood, we believe your starting point in life should not define where you end up. Guided by data and rigorous results, we collaborate with government and community partners to produce outsized impact for New Yorkers in need. With your support, we will continue to build a New York City filled with hope and opportunity for all.

In 2023, Robin Hood invested over $117.6 million in strategies that permanently elevate New Yorkers from poverty.

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