Robin Hood Annual Report 2023






Robin Hood partners with the city’s most effective emergency food organizations and distribution systems that provide a critical lifeline to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and their families. By focusing on food distribution, access to government benefits, and policy advocacy, Robin Hood fights for the basic health and well-being of New Yorkers facing poverty. Because of the generosity of donors like you, we are able to sustain organizations that feed hungry New Yorkers.

New Yorkers living in poverty, especially families and communities of color, are facing increasing food hardship, and are often running out of food. Nearly half of NYC families with children face food hardship. Food insecurity is often linked to other compounding pressures that trap people in poverty, such as trouble paying monthly bills and housing insecurity. Hunger also makes it difficult for children to learn and for adults to work and leads to higher rates of chronic disease, all of which severely limit long-term, upward economic mobility.

In 2023, Robin Hood funded emergency food partners that distributed over 32 million pounds of food to 337,000 New Yorkers facing food insecurity. Impact

IN 2023


43% — almost half — of families with children in NYC experience food hardship.

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