Robin Hood Annual Report 2023






Robin Hood is the city’s largest private funder of workforce development programs. We have expanded our investments in apprenticeship and internship models that enable New Yorkers to “earn while they learn” while placing themselves on high-quality, sustainable career pathways to in-demand sectors, such as technology, health care, and construction. By breaking down barriers to future-focused careers, NYC will be able to accelerate its growth as an inclusive, equitable city where any person can have a fair shot at opportunity.

While the rest of the country moves on from the pandemic and its shocks, thousands of low-income, working-age New Yorkers, especially those of color, have been left behind. The jobs available are too low-paying (like food delivery) or too high-skilled (like computer and information science) and out of reach for too many New Yorkers trying to build a future.

In 2023, Robin Hood helped over 4,000 young adults gain jobs with an initial hourly wage of $22.50 per hour, 40% higher than the minimum wage. Impact

IN 2023


The unemployment rate for young adults in NYC is 13.4%, nearly triple the adult rate.

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