Robin Hood Annual Report 2023






Robin Hood advocates for policies and invests in programs that promote financial stability, equitable access to financial services, and public assistance. This includes increasing wages so families can save more and expanding access to emergency funds through government programs, grants, and no-interest loans while providing support to those who want to obtain education or training that increases earnings.

Low-income New Yorkers are highly vulnerable to financial shocks, which can set them on a downward spiral that is nearly impossible to escape. On top of debt, expensive loans and unexpected expenses, rising rents and dwindling benefits have made life even more precarious for these New Yorkers already on the edge.


In 2023, Robin Hood funded programs that helped more than 175,000 households — more than 300,000 individuals — connect to about $130 million in lifesaving food, housing, and health benefits. Policy advocacy helped decrease medical debt lawsuits targeting low-income families by as much as 80%. Medical debt is a major driver of poverty.

IN 2023


More than 40% of New Yorkers do not have enough money in cash to cover a $400 emergency expense.

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