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communautaire community link Le lien The Jamboree des deux rives avec le Flash Band. Les soirées se dérouleront à la Légion canadienne de Hawkesbury, située au 152, rue Nelson, à 19 h, les 3 et 17 juin. Renseignements : Lise au 613- 632-8166 ou Louise au 450-533-1148. The Prescott and Russell Community Services are seeking volunteers to be members of the HawkesburyMeals-on- Wheels committee. Monthlymeetings. Info: 613-632-0939. 18 e édition des Jeux du comité des Jeux des 50 ans et plus de Prescott, les 5-6-7-8 juin à Hawkesbury et Saint-Ber- nardin. Les formulaires d’inscription obligatoires sont disponibles en com- muniquant avec les différents clubs d’âge d’or ou avec les Services com- munautaires de Prescott et Russell au 1-888-414-4494. The Hawkesbury branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, located at 152 Nelson, holds livemusic and dancing every Fri- day from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday from1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., and a Smoked Meat Dinner with livemusic on the last Friday of eachmonth.There is also crib- bage every Tuesday from1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and weekly darts Wednesday at 7 p.m. You do not have to be amember to attend; however, the Legion welcomes any newmembers.The Hall is available for rent. Information: 613-632-5136. Assemblée générale annuelle de 100% Actifs: Activités parascolaires, le mardi, 14 juin, à 18h30 à son siège social situé au 421-B, blvd. Cartier. Veuillez confirmer votre présence avant 10 juin. Kayla : 613-676-4822 ou info100pour- Soup and sandwich luncheon with homemade desserts, June 3, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at St. Paul’s Presbyterian, on John Street. Musical entertainment. All welcome. Le Lien communautaire est ré- servé uniquement aux organismes sans but lucratif de la communauté qui souhaitent annoncer des évé- nements à venir. Dans la mesure du possible, veuillez nous faire parve- nir l’information par courriel une semaine à l’avance à nouvelles@ La priorité sera accor- dée en fonction du nombre d’évé- nements et de l’espace disponible || The Community link is reserved to non-profit community groups for the sole purpose of announcing up- coming events. Please send us the information one week in advance by email at Priorities will be decided according to the number of events and the available space. Hawkesbury

On the road with the marathon man

JimWillett trots along County Road 17 towards Ottawa to take part in the annual Ottawa Marathon. Willett, followed by his support partner Charles MacMurchy on a bike, has been on the road since early May from New Brunswick where he ran in the annual Fredericton Marathon. —photo Gregg Chamberlain


running. All the way from New Brunswick, back to Ontario in what he called #mara- thon2marathon for the social media postings on the Internet.

a marathon before.” After he finished running in Fredericton, Willett, with the help of his buddy Charles, who lives over in Barrie, decided to keep on

On a hot Friday morning just outside of L’Orignal, JimWillett trots strong and stea- dy along the gravelled edge of County Road 17. He’s westbound for Ottawa and expects to get there in time to keep on running in the annual OttawaMarathon over theMay 29 weekend. “Just wanted to see the countryside,”Wil- lett said, taking a short break in his run for a brief interview about what he’s doing on the road. Not too far behind Willett is his buddy, Charles MacMurchy, riding along on a mountain bike loaded downwith saddlebags filled with supplies. MacMurchy is the “sup- port crew” for this one-man road-running odyssey, which began in New Brunswick not long after Willett finished running the annual Fredericton Marathon. By inclinination, Willett is an ultramara- thoner, whichmeans he runs in events where theminimumcontinuous distance before he stops is 50 kilometres. The maximum for a marathon is 42 kilometres. Some ultrama- rathons are 100 kilometres or more andmay take place over a two- or three-day period. “I’ve run all over the world,” saidWillett, who hails from Newmarket ON. “I’ve done ultras on five continents. But I’d never run

BioBlitz in the Larose Forest

Naturalists and scientists are going on a blitzkrieg hunt in the Larose Forest at the start of June. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) and the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club are going partners on the Fourth An- nual BioBlitz in the Larose Forest. The June

3 event is a 24-hour exercise during which naturalists and scientists work together to identify as many species as possible living within a particular habitat area.The project goal is to provide up-to-date and detailed information on the existing biodiversity with a section of the forest along with updating the species inventory database for future studies. Experts from the naturalists club, the SouthNation Conservation Authority (SNC), les Mycologues amateurs de l’Outaouais, and Carleton University will scour a section of the forest bordered by St-Félix Road and the Clarence-Cambridge Boundary Road on the north and south and by Concession 9 and Concession 10 on the east and west sides.The BioBlitz runs from6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Results will go into databases on local plant and animal diversity and help with future land usemanagement planning deci- sions and also dealing with any potential rare or species-at-risk concerns for the Larose Forest. A complete report and results of the event will appear later in the year on the UCPR and Ottawa Field Naturalists Club websites, and the information will also be available through the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC). Potential volunteers for the bi BioBlitz who have expertise in natural history should contact Manon Besner at mbesner@pres-

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