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Made and designed in Australia, the Cap Grip is a unique product. Placed on almost any hard surface the Cap Grip provides a safe and visible storage place for your hard hat. Great for trucks, offices and mine sites, anywhere where quick and easy access is required for a hard hat. Cap Grip will keep it safe, clean and accessible.

An Australian patented invention, the Snap Brim brings the humble hard hat sun brim to the next level. Incorporating a simple, fast fit system with a rigid plastic brim that provides 100% UV protection. Unlike the cotton material versions, Snap Brims rigid plastic feature also ensures no sagging and increased weight due to wetness. For durability and assurance Snap Brim is the choice for all hard hats.

Mack Eyewear have a range of lenses that are polarised. Lens polarisation protects the wearer from a host of reflective light typically from glass, water and snow. Mack Eyewear polarised lenses cut through the glare and allow clearer vision with protection from UVA and UVB rays.

When commonplace, traditional hand protection simply won’t do, take an aggressive approach to your hand protection challenges with the Ninja® Series. The sleek, stylish, comfortable Ninja® Series is the culmination of extensive research, design and testing. The expansive array of Ninja products addresses a multitude of hand protection needs ranging from Extreme Tactile Sensitivity to CE Level 5 Cut Resistance to Severe Cold. Ninja, radical designs, uncompromised protection.

Contego has been the leading brand name in mechanics style gloves in the industrial market for several years. From the Contego Original for all round performance to the IP+ with impact resistance Contego is found in the oil industry, heavy construction and mining sectors throughout Australia. Made from quality materials, Contego Mechanic style glove are built to protect and last.

Is Frontiers custom glove service. Contego gloves can be made specifically to our customers’ requirements. The service allows choice of colours, materials, specific grips and finishes. It allows corporate logos and safety messages to be added. Whatever the requirement ContegoMe builds the customers ultimate Contego.

Be Safe.. Think

B-Safe Fall Protection products are the result of intense research, design and comprehensive testing which ensures the

Black Rat 4WD accessories have been engineered and designed to meet the needs of all 4WD enthusiasts. Black Rat is renowned for high quality and functional products. Black Rat 4WD accessories have been designed to enhance the users 4WD experience and overcome the harshest environments. Where applicable our Black Rat 4WD product range complies with the appropriate Australian and or Australian / New Zealand Standards. p Frontier products bearing the Planogram P product logo are products packaged specifically for retail display on our Frontier display stands. A retail focus is very important in today’s competitive market. Frontier planogram products have been designed and packaged to provide visual display impact with a vivid, consistent presence.

Made from A grade Deerskin leather, the Golden Eagle has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most comfortable and durable leather working gloves. Often copied but never bettered Golden Eagle gloves represent comfort, fit and quality.

Since 1948, Mapa offers specialist expertise for hand protection. Mapa chemical gloves have a reputation that ensures assured protection and complete reliability. Mapa provides an internationally backed research and development team, and technical back up that ensures the end user has complete reliable protection.

Only gloves that are made from genuine Dyneema are made from the world’s strongest fibres. Dyneema’s unique inherent properties ensure high cut resistance, high abrasion, wearer coolness, comfort and dexterity. Gloves bearing the Dyneema Diamond tag are your assurance that the gloves are made from genuine Dyneema. Frontier is the only stand-alone Australian licensee for DSM Dyneema gloves.

Like the Cap Grip, the Croc Grip is designed and made in Australia and is used to keep gloves always accessible. Clipped onto a belt loop the Croc Grip is a personal glove and accessory carrier. Its unique breakaway device acts as a safety function in the event of a snag.

quality of the product range the name implies. Tested beyond the requirements of Australian Standards ensures the safety of all who use B-Safe.

Since 1978 Beaver has been lifting, tieing off and protecting. The Beaver brand offers innovation in Materials Handling Equipment, lifting chain and components, load restraint and rigging hardware. Only the best technology and quality materials are used for Beaver. With Beaver it’s safe and secure.

Kevlar by Dupont is the synonymous name associated with heat and cut protection. Gloves made with Kevlar not only provide high levels of cut resistance but also help protect from heat.

The integrated sanitised hygiene function reliably and durably protects gloves against UV, rain, mildew and mould. Glove mould and stains are minimised and structural integrity is preserved. Glove freshness is extended through the Actifresh antimicrobial function.

Mack Boots are built Tough…Bulldog Tough! Durable, reliable and ready for when things get rugged, our boots are built to tackle anything. Just quietly, they’re bloody comfortable too. So when the going gets tough, Show The Earth Who’s Boss and if it ever argues, let your Mack’s do the talking.

Industrial grade fans and air compressors powered with Grunt are built to last. Like the name says, Grunt machines have plenty of go and continue to be the reliable choice for many.


Literally means the ‘fear of water’. For Mack Eyewear it means that they have a special coating that sheds liquids and dirt away from the surface. Lenses treated with a hydrophobic coating stay cleaner for longer and minimise the build-up of water and marks, making cleaning easier.

Inyati Gumboots are Made in South Africa by the world’s leading gumboot manufacturer Wayne Plastics. The Inyati represents tough, high quality gumboots built to withstand harsh environments found in Australia’s mining, construction and agricultural sectors. Inyati gumboots come in non-safety, steel cap and steel cap/ steel midsole styles. All certified to Australian Standards.

Like Mack Boots, Mack Safety Eyewear brings reliability, comfort and style together. Mack Safety Eyewear represents innovative design features, from polarised and graduated tint lenses to high performing optic coatings such as the hydrophobic VX2 series. Mack Safety Eyewear is certified to all the latest Australian Standards and is built and designed for the Australian workforce.



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