African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 3.33: “During the COVID-19 outbreak, most women in my team had children at home to keep and look after

The results show that only 25% were faced with this situation among our 226 survey takers, thus representing a small percentage. To dig further into the matter, we asked the survey takers whether they “(I) personally, had children that stayed at home”. Only 34,4% (77 respondents) had themselves children that stayed home during the pandemic. This represents almost one third of our surveyed population, and specifc actions have to be taken to alleviate the workload from such a situation.

Figure 3.34: I personally had children that stayed at home

We afterwards, attempted to know how those who personally had children staying at home reacted towards this situation during the pandemic “I felt puzzled and could not organize easily my work and my family responsibilities”

Figure 3.35: I felt puzzled and could not organize easily my work and my family responsibilities

Some 48,1% (almost half of those in this situation) felt either puzzled or very puzzled in front of this situation indicating a lack of organization in front of the family and professional obligations keeping in mind that among those 77 who had children staying at home, 68,8% had to


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