African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

follow on homeschooling. This creates a source of stress for their parents. It is obvious that with children at home it was difcult to manage time between the homeworks and time in general as reported with reactions to the statement: “It was easy for them to manage their time and homeworks”

Figure 3.36: households and work management

On top of all that most parents (84,9%) had to share resources with their children (laptops, computers, etc.) making it more difcult to manage these conficts “We had to share resources (computers / laptops) together”.

Figure 3.37: We had to share computers/laptops with the family

Specially that “the sharing of resources was hard to implement” as reported in the following chart.

Figure 3.38: Sharing of resources was hard

Thankfully, most of African SMEs would not think about replacing their female co-workers with male co-workers in their teams. When asked if “Thinking about it, I am more inclined to having male employees in my company’s team”, only 10,6 % either strongly agree or disagree with


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