African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

4- Power outages

● Total number of respondents: 252

Only 34,3% of respondents (86 respondents) acknowledged there were severe power outages during COVID-19 as shown in the following:

Figure 3.44: Power outages during COVID-19

Respondents were then asked to estimate the fnancial impact of power outages on their businesses and there seems to be quite a loss for those who reported sufering from power outages like show in the graph below In an attempt to increase our understanding of the impact of COVID-19 and power outages on African SMEs, we collected the responses of the 86 participants who reported on the power outages on several related aspects.

Table 3.5: Impact of power outages on SMEs

The table summarizes how “These power supply outages had impacted negatively my business” with 67,4% respondents agreeing / strongly agreeing on the statement. Similarly, half of the respondents (49,3%) agree or strongly agree with the statement “the power outages have slowed down / stopped my company from producing” which indicates a clear obstruction to the African


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