African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

SMEs business environment and competitiveness. Finally, and thankfully, only 26,7% feel that “I feel that if power outages continue as such, I will have to close down my business”.

5- Internet breakouts

● Total number of respondents: 243

In this section we try to understand what happened with Internet services during the COVID-19 pandemic and how this refects on African SMEs’ businesses. We prompt our survey respondents to “describe your consistency of connection speed most of the time?” and then compare it with the COVID-19 period

Figure 3.45: Promised internet speed pre-covid

Figure 3.46: Promised internet speed during COVID-19

From the comparative charts, it shows that SMEs that “are not getting the promised speed” increased by 1.2 % during the pandemic (23.5% to 24.7%) and those who are getting the promised speed sometimes decreased by 1,7% (58% to 56.4%).

Then we investigated the “overall speed of your current broadband ISP?”


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