African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 3.50: Connection Stability post-covid

Almost 4% more respondents reported on a connection that is very unstable and disconnects itself frequently (increase from 11,5% to 15,6% during pandemic times). This comes almost all from respondents who reported that the connection sometimes disconnects itself. Having said that and with the established criticality of the Internet for most of African SMEs, it is deplorable to see that the speed and stability of Internet connections deteriorated during the pandemic. While these SMEs needed the support of conducting their businesses through, they didn’t fnd the assistance needed with adequate broadband services.

6- Corruption

In this section we try to trace how corruption manifested itself during the COVID-19 pandemic “There was ------ corruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Figure 3.51: Corruption during COVID-19

The chart shows that 34,8% think that there was more corruption during the frst wave of the pandemic while 42,9% are not sure and 14,6% think it was no more no less during the pandemic.


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