African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 3.55: Level of corruption during COVID-19

While after the frst wave of the pandemic, 27,5% participants think that there was more corruption, 21,1% think it was at the same level (did not change) and still 46,6% are not sure if there was any change regarding corruption after the pandemic (frst wave ended).

7- Business Continuity Plans BCP

● Total number of respondents: 226

Because Business Continuity plans are crucial for businesses and they revealed to be even more critical during the pandemic, we devoted part of our surveys to understand how familiar African SMEs are with it and to what extent they were aided / hampered by them. First, it becomes apparent that more than 75% (exactly 76,1%) of the surveyed population are familiar with Business Continuity Plans “I know what business continuity plans are” as could be seen in the following chart.

Figure 3.56: Business Continuity Plans

After which we dug deeper to fnd out how the practices concerning the Business Continuity Plans were like:


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