African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Table 3.6; BCP Practices

Good news is from our total surveyed population, 62,8% know how BCPs work, 59,7% have themselves BCPs for their businesses, and most importantly 58% know the details inside their BCPs which means that this is not “just another document” but a real managerial tool. Only 40,7% had tested their BCPs, and 50,9% had reviewed their BCPs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic but still 56,3% believe it needs further reviewing and updating. 13,4% strongly agree and 38,8% agree with the fact that their BCPs were well adapted for the COVID-19 situation, “Our business continuity plan was well adapted for the COVID-19 pandemic situation” thus totaling 52,2% of our surveyed population.


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