African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 2.19: Electricity is very important for my business

Fossil Fuel

To determine whether fossil energy is still being used either at home or at business, respondents were asked to determine whether they agree/disagree with the statement “I use fossil fuel as a source of energy for either my household or my business”. The results show that at least one third (33,5%) still use fossil energy.

● Total number of users of fossil fuel: 84 (33,5%) ● Total number of non-users of fossil fuel: 167 (66,5%)

This indicates that while the developed world moves into a future characterized by new clean energy sources and driven by technology and innovation, the reality is that millions of Africans are still reliant on charcoal, kerosene lamps, battery operated fashlights, wood and candles for their power needs.

The role of governments in promoting green and renewable energy

In this section, we try to trace whether it is apparent for respondents if their “governments are promoting usage of green and renewable energy through several initiatives and programs”.

Figure 2.20: My Government promote the use of green energy

The graph shows that only 11,6% of respondents strongly agree with the statement and that 28,7% agree with it. Total respondents indicating that some progress is being done is 40,3%. This shows slow progress from governments to promote such programs and initiatives.


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