African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Alternative Sources of Power

To fnd out whether it is possible for African SMEs to use other sources of power, we investigated this point across our respondents’ population and the results were promising.

Figure 2.21: Alternative source of energy for SMEs

From the chart, the most preferred source of renewable energy is solar power in which the African continent is rich, followed by fuel, and then wind and Gaz. In Other (sources of power), we fnd that biogas is mentioned several times by our respondents.

Power Supply and Pricing for SMEs

In this section, we detect the availability of power supply as well as its relative pricing and how it impacts the retail pricing. The following (Table 2.10) summarizes this stream of our research.

A- Power Supply

The table reports on a serious lack of electric power when some 33,3% agree and 29,4% strongly agree with the statement “I believe there is a constant lack of electricity or adequate power supply”, thus indicating that 62,7% sufer from a chronic insufciency of power supply. The next statement establishes the relationship between obtaining a steady power supply and being able to sustain the business when people respond to the statement “I think I cannot operate my business successfully without proper electricity supply”. Almost ¾ of the respondents agree with the statement (73%) indicating the causality between enjoying a steady power supply and being able to operate your own business successfully.


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