African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Table 2.10: Power Supply for SMEs

B- Power Supply’s Pricing

The next three statements investigate the electricity’s pricing from several points of views. First, whether diferent business segments are priced for their consumption of electricity diferently? Through the statement “There are diferent electricity pricing for diferent business segments”. And it appears that in more than 50% of the situations this is the case (52,9% either agree or strongly agree with the statement). However, there seems to be very little agreement on the fact that the pricing of the government to the electricity is adequate which could have serious implications on the capacity of SMEs to be competitive and grow. Only 20,4% agree with the statement “I feel the government is pricing reasonably the power supply for businesses like mine”. Finally, there doesn’t seem to be a strong dependency on products / services’ pricing when African SMEs encounter the situation of a varying power supply pricing meaning that the sensitivity to power price changes is low. Only 22,7% agree/strongly agree with the statement “I change frequently the pricing of my products and / or services depending on power supply pricing”, and this despite the fact that more than two thirds (67,5%) of respondents admitted that their “The government has changed many times the pricing of electricity service over the course of the last fve years” as refected by the chart below.


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